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    Nope, and if you do, you need to take a good look at your life imo. WoW is a game, and depending on it for happiness is a terrible way to live your life.
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    absolutely not. i start finding really good games to enjoy. single player and multiplayer.

    i played for 60 days once 5.4 hit. probably won't even bother with another 30 day spurt until WoD. wouldn't mind using a 7 day free game time code if i get one. i like using those for AV weekends.

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    Having a sub made me feel like if I didn't log on I was falling behind or wasting my money, and I would often log on because I felt I had to do stuff to keep up with the Jones' instead of actually logging on because it was fun.(because it hasn't been fun in a long time). Cancelling my sub liberated me and I honestly feel better now than when I was playing. I miss the good time I had in WoW, but the reality is those days are long gone anyway replaced with fast food, thoughtless and shallow gameplay designed for mass consumption.

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    Nope, I sure don't. I get nostalgic at times, but that's about it. And I've given in to that nostalgia and resubscribed enough times to know better now. The game isn't what it used to be when I loved it, and my memories won't make it go back. And honestly, at this point I've played it so much, that even if it did go back to how I liked things, I'd probably still be bored. I'd say playing makes me more depressed these days than not playing. Either way, I can't imagine feeling depressed over not playing a game. That's pretty pitiful.

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    In fact the less contact I have with WoW, the happier I am.

    To clarify, I still really enjoy the core aspect of the game for me (coop PvE). I just really, really don't like spending any longer than necessary once I'm done with that for the week. It's not that anything's wrong with WoW, objectively, it's just... idk... I guess it's just me.

    Log in / play / log out. Too many other games and... like... outside worlds.

    That said, during periods where I just have way too much work/assignments/etc. to even get around to MMO'ing I don't even notice. So yeah, "No" all around.

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    No, not for a long time. I used to get a bit like that during the first year-ish that I started playing - I'd be more short-tempered & impatient than depressed, but it did bug me if I hadn't played for a little while.

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    I enjoy WoW most after a good 6 month break, then come back and play it and enjoy the crap out of it for a few weeks before I stop again. My days of needing to play WoW constantly have been gone since the end of WOTLK/Start of Cataclysm. Certaintly don't get depressed about not playing WoW, Lol.
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    I love WoW, really it has just been such a fun ride for me.That being said, I loved it so much that I was unable to balance it with my real life responsibilities. I started doing poorly in school. I literally could not sleep at night just thinking about all the things I could be doing in game to improve my characters and get that next heroic boss wipe or push that arena rating higher.

    I became obsessed with collecting prestigious titles, mounts, and items that took so many hours away from my real life to achieve. I was tired all day or simply slept all day if I didnt have work or school. I stopped socializing with real life friends because none of them happened to play WoW and thats all I wanted to do.

    I finally played to the degree where I (fortunately) burned myself out from enjoying the game. I was able to make myself quit and since then everything in my real life has improved. My academics have completely turned around and I am in so much better shape because I have the energy and time to exercise.

    At first I would get these intense pangs and lay awake at night literally obsessing about playing again. To quell this addiction, I literally had to pick up a dozen hobbies so that I could stop thinking about it. Here is what happened as a result: I now run 5 miles a day (idk if thats good lol), I am a seasoned and competent skiier, I picked up mountain biking, taught myself some basic guitar strumming, found myself a girlfriend which I previously did not have the time or motivation for, and I've fostered a much healthier food diet that is not feuled by convenience, cravings, and raid times.

    I am not saying that I'm superman now and your all missing something, but removing myself from the game was what I needed, it was an obsession. I feel a lot better these days and am far healthier and more balanced both physically and mentally.

    The best part? I recently renewed my subscription and found that I am now able to enjoy the game at a casual leisurely pace when I have free time. I have so many other things to occupy my time now that I just can't afford to be playing 24/7. I no longer am in a top progression guild or pushing for season titles, but I find I can still enjoy the game exploring new content like quests, dungeons, LFR, and PUG groups of new or old content. Its not the same and I miss being that guy with all the perfect BIS items, there was no funner experience them intense progression raiding and the satisfaction of solid teamwork, all the silly noobs drooling over your numbers and gear. But if your someone like me who couldn't balance that with real life, then don't try!

    My best advice is to play the game in a manner that is best suited for your lifestyle, to foster both healthy gameplay and real world experiences. If its consuming your life, take a break and get some perspective. I hope this isn't a wall of text for you, I just really wanted to share my opinions in case others might find themselves faced with the same problem I had
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miuku View Post
    Neither do you because there is no singular definition of depression.
    My girlfriend, with whom I've been together for nearly 5 years, has suffered from clinical depression for the longest time. Unfortunetly I know what it looks like.
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    Seek help if you do, seriously. Years ago I was pretty addicted when I was in the raid scene (I know some people can manage it - I couldn't). Ever since going casual I'm so much happier

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    As the title says
    No, I go watch TV or something. WoW is a distraction. There are plenty of other distractions on offer.
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    Uhm, that would be classified as an addiction at that point, which is pretty sad.

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    Maybe when I played 8 years ago, but not in a depressed state sort of way. More like because the game was so different and unique to me, I wanted all the shiny new stuff. But that passed years ago.

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    Considering I'm stuck in a room 98% of the time, yes. The few times I do get out make me want to go back to said room, because it's a town full of douchenozzles. Maybe I won't next time I relocate halfway across the country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    League of Legend players practically live for their game, and I'm sure a lot of hardcore raiders out there do as well.
    Putting time in doesn't mean living for the game. There are people that don't raid that play 24/7. And there are hardcore raiders that play very little once the 2 or 3 weeks of progression is over.

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    I haven't had Warcraft, or even a computer, for about a year now. I still want to play. :|

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    More typically you'll find people in a state of depression -because- they've been playing WoW for a long time / too many hours a day.
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    No, but i usually get depressed and unhinged when i start playing WoW

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