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    The mechanics in Vanilla were shit, the only difficulty is you had to have so many people to do it.

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    Comparing apples to oranges. In Vanilla and BC there were long attunements, and no entry-level difficulties to gear you up to more appropriate gear levels for the encounters. Special gear was often required to progress in certain instances. Logistics was a nightmare compared to post-BC raids. Many quality of life improvements hadn't been made standard to the UI or been perfected in addons.

    Essentially, you are arguing that because race cars are faster these days, that it was harder to win a race 50 years ago. The truth is that there is no A to B comparison to be made, which renders your entire argument little more than the pontification of the ignorant. Have a nice day.

    Edit: I am replying to the OP specifically.

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    It still makes me laugh that people complain about how easy things are while consistently failing to do have heroic warforged gear.

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