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    eu english good pvp server

    me and my friends are coming back to WoW and we need to find a decent server to reroll on. We'd rather it have a high population, our biggest requirement is that the fraction ratio is not completely out of wack (I.e that 1 faction side is not completely dead).

    Any help on the matter would be amazing

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    What are you looking for 50% 50% horde and alliance for world pvp. ?

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    I think ragnaros is kind of balanced, more in favour of horde though

    But tbh, the whole realm thing doesn't even matter since a lot of high pop realms are connected (ravencrest and stormscale for ex) and the balance is a lot better.

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    ragnaros isn't that active in pvp tho. Only a few decent pvp guilds.

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    Sylvanas ally?

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    Stormscale for Horde all the way, no doubt about it.
    Outland for the Alliance.

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    tbh the most balanced server for pvp is defias brotherhood we have the most active world pvp aswell horde always attack SW and we always fight them back, dnt go to outland its crap especially on alliance cos you will have log in queues, the above guy has no idea since stormscale horde ive fought them and they suck balls and outland is just overpopulated by lliance as i already said login queues

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    Quote Originally Posted by warcraftmew View Post
    tbh the most balanced server for pvp is defias brotherhood
    I can confirm this. Horde side is more active at the moment, and overall decrease in activity due to expansion ending is noticeable. But DB is a great PvP server to play on. Plenty of WPvP, several good RBG guilds, plenty of cross-faction drama (if you're into that).

    I myself moved to DB just before MoP pre-launch and never looked back (transfered my main, leveled 10 more 90ies on DB).

    Honorable mention goes to /trade channel for being a bit more civil than your average server. I blame the RP aspect of the server and certainly welcome it.

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