View Poll Results: What flavor of Shadow Priest will you play at Lvl 100?

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  • Clarity of Power - PEWPEWPEW

    34 50.00%
  • Void Entropy - MOAR DOTS!!1!

    15 22.06%
  • Auspicious Spirits - Pfft at those other two, Shadow Orb generating Los Lobos ftw

    19 27.94%
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    From a fun point of view, I am torn between CoP and AS. I don't like the feel of having to cast shadow priest doom personally.

    From a functionality POV, AS is going to be the way to go in arena. The removal of the apparition damage is very nice because I am kind of sick of breaking cc with an uncontrollable apparition <.<

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    Once balanced, these will be pretty amazing. In one tier of talents, they've made one priest spec more diverse than all of the hunter specs combined.

    Personally been disc this whole expac, but CoP actually makes me a little giddy. Apparently movement will be a bigger issue in WoD, but I love me some cast time spells and don't think that babysitting dots is a fun mechanic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raviadso View Post
    don't think that babysitting dots is a fun mechanic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dierdre View Post
    I switch talents every fight.
    Same here. Love every talent on its own.

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