View Poll Results: How many Subs did WoW lose in Q1 2014?

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  • More than 100k

    141 15.55%
  • More than 300k

    150 16.54%
  • More than 500k

    161 17.75%
  • More than 700k

    56 6.17%
  • More than 900k

    34 3.75%
  • More than 1 Million

    112 12.35%
  • More than 1.5 Million

    17 1.87%
  • More than 2 Million

    59 6.50%
  • Other - Explain in post.

    26 2.87%
  • Sub Gain

    151 16.65%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    it is like the OP... every quarter for the past year he has started the same thread, and every quarter he looks like an idiot for his analysis of why ´this time I will be right´..
    Is it really only a year, feels like he has been making these predictions forever, the most tiresome of MMO posters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctifer616 View Post
    You can't look at WoW, or any game in a bubble when the entire market plays a significant role.
    This. I was planning to come back for WoD. The price hike made me think twice. It's bad enough to have to pay a sub fee, but it's worse to have to get a box set for what would eventually be included in vanilla WoW eventually anyways.

    If I were to come back to WoW, it would be on a Black Friday sale when the expansion gets dropped to half price, just like MoP did 2 months after it launched.

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    Hell knows really, but so far all they announce is very unappealing and they already got some people refunding the pre-order after backing up on most of the promises they "didn't make" to sell it. Also I refuse to believe a staunch ragequitter like me is really so unique. (That is, I actually quit shortly before Cata hit the fan and don't plan to buy WoD either after returning to the game a few months before 5.2).

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