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    Oh it's not just a forge. It's a forge that slices the users' shoulders.
    I love being a warrior and wearing a building as armor... -n

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    Obviously the set isn't done yet, and its very apparent on the Tauren, but it's interesting (at least to me) to see that the boots actually cover our hooves. :3

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    Dem Warrior shoulders... I'm excited!

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    Is that gear a joke? It looks absolutely terrible.

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    that set looks amazing O-O

    also makes me miss valor gear, used to be able to get transmog versions of other peoples sets on my death knight through valor
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    Wow, that gear makes me want to droll a Niagara Falls, GG.

    I wish it would pvp gear though

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    What are you guys talking about troll raid? I dont see anything here.

    Edit: Also, did no one else see the auto-assort and various other functions for backpack?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stgeorge78 View Post
    Is that gear a joke? It looks absolutely terrible.
    Umm... are YOU joking?! It's incredible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    anyone thinking they are playing with us regarding a troll raid?
    I certainly hope so. I hate troll raids...

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    Troll raid right next to the dance studio

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    Set looks great!! Idc what anyone says and complains about WoD having too much gritty gear, the Iron Stars in the shoulderplates effect looks badass. The whole set is pretty cool and the Iron Horde approach to it looks very warrior-appropriate so you can't really complain there. So far each piece of gear looks class-appropriate, but i'll wonder what they'll do for druids. I bet the shaman tier would be inspired by Ner'zhul since he and his shadowmoon clan are some of the biggest shamans around. Basically, i imagine an orcish shaman approach apart from a draenei one.

    also, that mail set looks VERY NICE! Very sleek and simplistic, but charming in that streamlined sort of way. i love the color choice, and although it says mail, it'd be really cool if that was cloth for mages and warlocks. But i can see the "ranger" or "scout" look they were going for that would look good on hunters.

    Also, I like how people are assuming that "Troll Raid" refers to a Zandalari raid when it's listed under Battlegrounds in the datafiles. It's probably a troll-themed BG, perhaps involving some sort of raid-like event, or just a joke blizz is playing on dataminers like they did with "Medhiv's Big Birthday Bash" at Karazhan.
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    love that warrior tier. The shoulders, although look deadly, can't be any good for my orcs body.

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    Boomkin buffs <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcaneshot View Post
    That's not the only way they can go:

    Outcast Dreamcatcher - Outcast Arakkoa have repurposed the dreamcatcher not to ward off the Curse of Sethe, but to capture and harvest tiny amounts of essences from their lost gods. Rumors persist of an ever-growing mass of swirling energy buried deep beneath Skettis, whispering promises of power to any who will listen...

    Basically they can go one of two ways with the Arakkoa raid-- the Apexis or the Old God under Skettis.
    Oh please no, the Arakkoa should not worship the old gods at this point, they only started the worship of the lorebreaking draenor old god after Auchindoun blew up, and that's a small subsection of Arakkoa . And the old god was a last ditch effort. I mean there are threeish major factions of Arakkoa not including the mysterious Apexis, the Sethekk who worship the old god, Talon King Ikiss, and the "dark-fire", the Skettis which worship their traditional gods, Terokk and Rukhmar and lastly the light worshiping Skettis Exiles, who converted when the Naaru showed their face. The issue with Arakkoa lore is that it's really, really poorly fleshed out. Terokk might be Rukhmar, Anzu is apparently a god that doesn't fit in with Terokk/Rukhmar, Darkfire is literally never explained, Naaru were involved before the Skettis Exiles converted, what happened to Apexis and random old god that doesn't relate to any other lore on Draenor.

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    Troll raid 2.

    More like Kill Me 2.

    Pretty cool shoulder effects on the set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerGottLoL View Post
    troll raid .... rfngrhufhntinrtsujhi9tnujfodnrjosfhngayoihsn

    Anger leads hate. Hate leads to suffering. Suffering leads to troll raid.

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    PSA: Latest alpha build included some damage tuning changes.

    Do not take those as any indication, whatsoever, of buff/nerf to spec power.
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    My god that warrior tier...... but no i won't resub.... as long as it has antlers....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tierbook View Post
    My god that warrior tier...... but no i won't resub.... as long as it has antlers....
    They looked like sick metal viking horns to me.

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    Blizzard, can you please stop with the "from waist to knees" belts? Looks good on Durotan and Grom, but don't give it to us.

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