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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    By trading you mean finding groups yeah?

    Nobody actually TRADES in Trade right?
    Presenting yourself as a muscle for "hire" is a form of trading?
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    If I remember correctly Crushridge - EU was lovingly called pastaridge for its large number of stupid and rude italian players. This was back in wotlk, and it was horde - dragonmaw that gave them such a kind name...

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    Magtheridon EU was the server when we saw people come from there in a group during WOTLK we would be like "oh here we go". It all stems from TBC when we (Hellscream EU) were in the same PVP battlegroup as them, full of noobs and douchebags. I don't know if it was because it was Nihilum/Ensidia's server or what, but back then a lot of Hellscream players didn't think highly of those from Magtheridon.

    Reality is that there are noobs and douchebags wherever you go, but there seemed to be a concentration of them on Magtheridon, hah.
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    I play on Mal'ganis and the hatred for our server runs deeper than any server out there and it goes back years...Goon Squad started it basically and alot of people had hatred for Elitist Jerks who are also on Mal'ganis. I understand the hatred for Goon Squad but many have no idea the good Elitist Jerks has provided for WoW all together. Next time you open your DBM options look at the bottom and see who's name is on it,yea you can thank them whenever you want.

    But I digress...The hatred for Mal'ganis is like no other and I like it that way.
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    Moon Guard is one of the most disgusting servers on WoW and has nothing to do with RP, I have no problem with RP, but real REP is a real thing, and there are some realms that should be restricted.

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    I'd have to go with Oceanic servers like Ragnaros and Shu'halo , they were just clueless.

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    I'll jump on the Mal'ganis (H) hate train. Too many interactions with rude/toxic Mal'ganis folk over the years. I imagine Mal'ganis is the Hell of WoW realms.

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    For me, when I play Horde - people from Tichondrius really seem to be annoying. If I run into people from that realm in random BGs, it's just a complain-fest. Not everyone from that realm act like that, but a great deal of the PvPers who watch streamers ruined that realm for me.

    And for Alliance - Kel'Thuzad. For a similar reason as Tichondrius, but they all have huge egos, imo.

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    EU-Al'Akir used to be horrible back in the old Blackout battlegroup. Funny enough this seems to have changed a lot since then and I haven't met a lot of annoying people from there anymore; usually they are barely noticeable nowadays.
    I think the whole story always depends a lot on realm choice of the masses, so no questions asked Kazzak is one of the realms giving you a hard time. Luckily I don't meet people from Twisting Nether in Randoms, but I expect the general situation there equally "enjoyable".

    PS: And I totally agree on the Chamber of Aspects comment. Those New Player realms are a fountain of joy for everyone being in their xrealm zone.
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    For EU, the ones I know of or dislike;
    Stormscale EU - Horde PVP Realm which is essentially what 90% of Random BGs will mainly be, made up primarily of trolls with one or two people. Not heard good things about it, and have no intention of visiting.

    Also from what I've been informed and read about the guild Goon Squad are probably the biggest plague to servers I've ever seen. An old guild member told me they essentially ruined one of his old realms (Think it was EU Sporeggar). So I'm assuming that may be a reason for US-Mal'ganis rep.

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    back during Wrath when LFD was introduced, Hakkar EU had a pretty bad name amongst most other realms that were linked with them.
    and while i met enough friendly/good Hakkar players, it was noticeable how the majority of bad/a-hole players did in fact come from that server.
    felt sorry for the good ones i met, since it wasnt uncommon back then that hakkar players were kicked the moment the dungeon began before they had a chance too show the group they werent like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pum View Post
    Not sure what you're referring to, but me and my guild have found Sylvanas a very good realm to be on since we transferred here last year.

    Where did we come from you ask? Oh let me tell you! Aerie Peak EU, backwater and mother shit-stain of all EU servers.
    This must be first time EVER i see someone mention my server (aerie peak)...

    But yeah, always warms my heart to see Crushridge-EU hate. Though Crushridge "died" when they implemented italian servers so it became empty (or something). But 4.1 patch... if you had 1 player from Crushridge (and 99% of runs you had at least one from there) you were guaranteed to wipe few times. If you had 2, it was long and hard run with many wipes. If 3, it was doomed and you were better to leave party at start.

    Edit: though believe it or not, Crushridge still had at least few good players. And usually they even wrote english in chat.
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    EU Stormscale are scum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felhunter View Post
    Hakkar EU
    Oh how could I forget about them! Going into a dungeon and being welcomed by the friendly "CIAOOOO TUTTIIIIIII", oh I miss that sometimes.

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    90% of players from Kazzak EU I've seen have been idiotic, childish, trolls and just plain foolish, starting up arguments for no reason at all. 10% haven't been so bad, going as far as to be nice people
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    I have this game where I try to guess the server of the person causing drama in a dungeon/raid before I check it. It's always from Mal'Ganis so it's not that fun to play...

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    I play on Outland (EU) and to be honest, a good part of the players you'll meet there won't be the nicest. (There's many good players as well!)
    I enjoyed Draenor (EU) Alliance side in 2011, lovely players! (Not sure how nice the players there are right now, cause I abandoned Draenor some time ago.)

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    Argent Dawn EU. It's not so much a case of the realm having experienced realm hate (though it often does, and rightly so), but more to do with the fact that I end up invariably hating the realm each time I return to it. Should really just do the sane thing and stick to Defias Brotherhood EU. One of the best evaluations of the realm i've ever read is as follows;

    Argent Dawn is and will always be a gold mine for people who lack engrish skills, a life, a stable state of mind and not to mention some fucking balls. Players stride every day to become number one, make retarded guilds that vows lordship over everyone, before the guild is disbanded after a few days and the founder of the guild joins a raid guild. This is what happens here. Every fucking day. I should have joined a PvP server in the first place.
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    Basically everyone is talking about EU realms........

    From a US realm perspective- Illidan, Tichondris, Ragnaros, Hakkar, Tol Barad, Goldrinn, Quel'thalas
    Basically any Latin America or Brazillian realm.


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    Most of us on Hydraxis hate "Moon 'tards."

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