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    Feral Druid HELP!

    Alright so I don't know to much about Ferals in pvp, but they look like they're fun. Are they viable in pvp? I know the damage output they can do is good and as far as survivability is good, but what about CC? What kind of macros would you use? Do they have like 1 shot macros? As far as arenas go like a 2's team with a ret paladin is it viable? Please any advice would be great, thank you.

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    Ventilation shaft. How do you know that?
    2v2 and Random BG you will do just fine, might have to go Guard for RBGs.
    3v3 will go okay-ish, if anyone wants to play with a Feral
    For teams:
    2v2: Ret/Feral, Fmage/Feral, HealPriest/Feral
    3v3: Kitty Cleave = Feral/Warrior/Healer(usually a holy paladin), Jungle Cleave = Feral/Hunter/healer

    CC - Mighty Bash, Maim, Hibernate (for other druids, shamans and Hunter pets), Roots x2, Cyclone. Most used are Mighty Bash, Cyclone and Root.
    Use Predatory Swiftness to Root meelee and/or Hibernate the above classes, if not needed heal urself

    Macro -
    Powershift macro, gets you out of any root, ever

    /cast [nostance] cat form
    /cast [stance:1]!Bear Form(Shapeshift)
    /cast [stance:3]!Cat Form(Shapeshift)
    /cast [stance:4]!Travel Form(Shapeshift)
    /cast [stance:2]!Aquatic Form(Shapeshift)
    /cast [stance:5]!Swift Flight Form(Shapeshift)

    "One-shot" macro

    /cast Berserk
    /cast Nature's Vigil
    /cast Incarnation: King of the Jungle
    /use *insert trinket*

    Mini one-shot:

    /cast Nature's Vigil
    /cast Tiger's Fury
    /use *trinket*
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    You can also have a Force of Nature Talent: the most powerful cc in the game. With that talent you are the king of CCing

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    hmm ok. Any other advice like with hunters and warriors? They are both stupid strong right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hpyerfox View Post
    hmm ok. Any other advice like with hunters and warriors? They are both stupid strong right now.
    Assuming you are talking about 1 vs 1:

    For warrior, open without using charge, apply full bleeds. The rest depends on his talents, you must not take full damage from his blade storm, you need to use SI or Travel form charge to avoid it. If you decided to use SI for BS, it is a good idea to burst in response. If the warrior is not using BS, burst after he stuns you and save your trinket for the fear. Using thrash is also a good idea, as it will reduce his damage by 10%.

    For hunter, set his pet as your focus, get an opener and apply full bleeds. Use Hybernate and roots (nature's grasp is very useful here) to control the pet, I would recommend that you play with mass entaglement to stop the stampede. When he uses deterence, cyclone the pet or heal yourself. You must play 100% aggressive here (use dash/roar early to stick on the hunter), as a hunter won't be able to play defensive and is pretty much dead after the deterrances (even before, depending on your bleeds). Final note, ALWAYS use bear chage on him when you are not stealth.


    BTW, using incartion on a separete bind is recommended, you must understand that your burst comes from incarnation + berserk, not from incarnation alone. This brings two advantages:
    - A lot of people will panic and toss CC at you when you use incarnation, so using it without berserk will allow to eat CC and don't toss your trinket away (also, you will be pooling energy during the CC). Incarnation lasts 30 seconds, while berserk lasts 15.
    - Incarnation is on GCD and activates the GCD, while berserk and tiger's fury are not, so if you macro them, you will lose one GDC.
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    Like Knolan pointed out, it's adviced against using one-shot macros like the one Barnabos linked. Besides that, using that Tiger's Fury macro is also meh as you'll have less control over your trinket (presuming you even have the on use trinket, since the proc trinket is superior).

    As for viability and arenas; they're pretty strong I reckon in 2s with a ret paladin simply due to the amount of healing, pressure, cc and defensives you have as well as insane burst. Have your ret paladin pop his wings first, force major CDs and after that you pop your burst for the kill.

    Your bottleneck however will be the ret paladin. If he doesn't know how to kite properly and you don't know how to heal properly, the comp won't work.

    In 3s however, your only real viable comps will be kitty cleave and maybe FMP.

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    Kitty is the easiest to play and by no means easy, you need to peel VERY well to win against RMx comps, you will also have a bad time against the LSD comp, which is very popular right now.

    Jungle cleave with holy priest and FMP are also viable, but you will need a lot of coordination on CC to keep pressure.

    On a side note, the TOP rated feral team on asia is Warlock/Druid/Shaman, but I have no ideas how it work =p

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    Other macros you'll want since you're a hybrid:
    -HT on party 1/2 (don't need a party2 one but if you're planning on doing 3s you'll need it eventually)
    -CW on party 1/2 (see above)

    Other useful ones:
    -Clone on focus, arena 1,2,3 (I personally swap out my 2 "arena" clone macros with the ones that aren't the healer and focus the healer)
    -Skull Bash on focus, arena 1,2,3 (see above)

    And I wouldn't suggest playing without this (or a mouseover variation if you'd like):
    #showtooltip Wild Charge
    /cast [@<insert party member name here>] Wild Charge
    Allows you to lifegrip yourself to eat the trap of whoever is after the "@" sign. Pretty helpful with all the hunters this expansion.

    Also get an addon like ClassTimer or DroodFocus in order to track your PS procs, Roar and Bleed timers. Something like PlateBuffs, TidyPlates and Icicle will be helpful as well if you don't already have them from another class.

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    You can also have a Force of Nature Talent: the most powerful cc in the game. With that talent you are the king of CCing
    It only roots and Rakes now, no more off-dr ranged stuns. I was mad fun while it lasted but even I can admit it was broken as hell.

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