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    Pet Movement/Macros


    I've noticed my pet damage (bite/claw-auto attacks) are falling way behind my counterparts and I have a higher ilvl. I admit my pet control can be better. When it comes to CD's and proper usage I'm spot on. Pet movement is different story. I've read the threads and guides on macro's but I don't fully grasp the usage.

    Klaxxi is the ultimate pet switching fight and even more so if you run certain strats. I've read put /petattack into every shot but when I have to switch targets and than back to that target the pet will move with me when I want it stay. Yes obviously. My plan tonight is to make when separate macro with something like:

    /cast Serpent Sting
    /cast Dash
    /pet passive.

    and remove petattack from my shots.

    It puts sting on the new target and keeps the pet on that target while I switch temporarily to another target.

    I also don't understand how or when to use

    petattack [target=pettarget.noexists]
    petfollow [target=pettarget,exists]

    Do you put it into your shots?

    Last question, due to the constant switches do you think its better to go S.V for this fight? I have HWF Bow and H Tailsman which I think would benfit S.V more than it would BM. All tht typing just to go to S.V....


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    just put it on passive and make a separate bind for /petattack

    with blink strikes it shouldn't be a big deal.

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    If you are BM and you have to switch target's, you kinda need your pet to go to that target to, as just spamming arcane shots will do no dmg. With Kill Command and blink strikes, you should have no problem switching targets tbh.
    I do SHIFT+mousewheelup to /petattack and SHIFT+mousewheeldown /petpassive
    and bind petattack to all my shots, works just fine for me.

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    Usually keep ur pet on passive, bind /petattack to AS and MS. this way, ur pet will remain on the target chewing on it. if u need to switch, cast AS or MS, pet will follow. thats most simple /petattack bind i got used to.

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    another great pet movement macro i love to use just to mess with ppl when i'm bored /petmoveto.....put that action button 1 then have pet seemingly chase ppl around of his own volition, joke with them 'so sorry man, stupid pet seems to like you'....great way to kill time and harass random ppl

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    The /petpassive should prevent the derping pets do between mobs when it's deciding whether it should be switching or not. Keeping it on assist but using /petattack in an AS will force it to run back and forth between a couple mobs for a bit because pet AI is hard to code, or something.

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