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    9/9 Gold CM player here, looking to get Golds on a Frost DK (US-Alliance)

    I'm looking to get the Gold-medals on a Frost-DK. I'll actually be doing this on my father's character, as I know he would never be able to get a Gold-medal on his own, but rest assured that my main has been a Frost-DK for years, so I know what I'm doing. I'd offer to tank, but honestly, my experience tanking as a DK is a bit more limited, and I don't want to risk wasting anybody's time while I "get used to it".

    I've already gotten Gold SPM out of the way on his character, though if you're willing to run more than one, I'd be happy to run that again, as well.

    If you're interested in running, just send me a PM and I'll shoot you back his Battletag (I don't feel comfortable posting his on his behalf). I can run pretty much any day, any time after 4pm EST. No worries about how late it runs, either.

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    Still looking for a group, if there is anyone interested?

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