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    But where did people get this "place it wherever you want" thing for garrisons?? I always understood its an improved version of a ranch and by improve I mean, from old bike to a superspeed motor style...

    I do agree it's quite shit that you can't place it wherever you want, but as with many things before, Blizzard always have this kind of limitation, which makes everything dull, but hey! its SUPERCOOLAWESOMEFUN for them...

    I just think its a technical limitation for them. A case where they can place a garrison in one place, so everyone knows its there, but if you would put a garrison in some other place, they just can't pull of a visual of your garrison to be visible by others on place you choose.Not possible for 1000 players on a server You could enter the place which you know where it is but not visible to others....Something like that, but this tells me that the game is being old and I hope that whatever they do with Titan, it will not have this kind of limitation

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    "Garrisons are visually distinct depending on whether you’re a Horde or Alliance player, and you’ll be able to place your Garrison in one of several zones on Draenor. "

    Taken from WoD Garrison article on their site, cant post links because I am still a new user

    Several, not one. But obviously blizz has removed that, along with quest texts from non-main storyline quests, along with a raid tier due to diverting resources to do the Azeroth Choppers show

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    So increasing the cost is "offering what we feel is the best entertainment value for the cost"
    I would have thought that meant the exact opposite.

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