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    Prot pvp viability in WoD?

    With the new bladed armor change to buff up prot damage will prot once again be viable for pvp (and im talking world pvp/bg's, it was never anything better than average for arena)? Right now they have most of the tools needed but the damage is just non-existant, the glyph of harsh words provides a harder hitting finisher than we have baseline but even then its not great.
    Any prot pvp'ers out there? Will you be trying it again come WoD?

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    All tanks should be significantly better in PvP than they are right now due to a higher base amount of damage and more ways to scale said damage.

    We should be able to perform decently in team fights as a support with moderate damage, and 1v1s where the enemy isn't able to heal continuously. Still lacking a snare, so you'll have to use one of the two glyphs to get it.

    Also, Bladed Armor only converts Bonus Armor into AP. Chances are you won't find that stat on PvP items so you'll have to do some PvE to get them. I'm looking forward to the changes to resilience meaning I can actually PvP in my PvE gear. Looking forward to playing in Ashran as Prot.

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    You also get ap from mastery which probably will be on pvp gear.

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