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    KS should be changed

    So as we know,KS used to be a powerful skill which is a finish movement.
    In the earlier,little stun skills and KS had special DR,so costing combat points is balance.
    But today, a number stun skills and KS also has DR with other stun skills,KS now seems costing so much and valueless.
    May change it from finish movement to combat point got skill and also has 20s CD?

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    I don't think Kidney Shot is any weaker because it DRs with Cheap Shot.
    You should plan ahead and save Kidney Shot's cooldown for when the target isn't on DR from another stun; or not open with Cheap on a caster; only garrote.

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    Just be happy that they gave combo points on the rogue after 10 years maybe in 5 more years backstab will lose its positional and maybe in 10 more years ks will be free.

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    It would be interesting to see Kidney Shot lose all its resource costs. That would open up the possibility for KS -> Smoke Bomb -> Evis -> MfD -> Evis, though (basically one more Evis than we get now). I'm not sure one extra Evis would make that much difference though, especially if health pools are effectively larger in WoD.

    Would be interesting also to possibly open with a 6 second KS. Right now with CS to KS, we get 7/7.5 seconds of stun. With KS, we'd get 8/8.25, so it would add .75 to 1 second to our initial stunlock on some classes (moreso melee than casters). It would require us to Dance/Vanish to get that cheap shot in after KS, otherwise it'd be 6 seconds instead of 7/7.5, but we'd get slightly more damage in. Really doesn't seem all that bad here (especially when comparing it to Leg Sweep/Shockwave).

    The biggest buff would probably come from being able to put a 6 second stun on an off target on demand with no real prior setup. Makes it much easier to do something like Blind -> Sap -> KS, or even KS -> Sap.

    It would probably end up hurting Combat though, since they'd more than likely lose their 8 second KS. I can't see Combat getting a free 8 sec KS that didn't require some build up with Revealing Strike.
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