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    Question Need a little help with Penance macro

    I recently got my low level priest to 12 or 13 or so, and decided to try to get some mouseover macros in order before 15 and such. However I'm running into an issue with it and my flash heal works perfectly fine.

    I want it to penance my mouseover, if I have someone targeted to penance them, and if no one is targeted or mouseover, to penance myself. I have essentially the same macros for my flash heal, and penance but the penance does not work.

    Can penance not be casted on targets that are not in your party via macro or something? Here is the macro by the way...

    /cast [target=mouseover,help] Penance; [help] Penance; Penance
    /cast [target=mouseover,help] Flash Heal; [help] Flash Heal; Flash Heal

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    If I recall, its an issue with the fact that penance can be cast at both hostile and friendly.

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    This works as you described:

    #showtooltip Penance
    /cast [target=mouseover, exists][] Penance
    The only thing to be aware of is that when Atonement healing and using Penance offensively on a fixed target, you will want to hold your right mouse button so that you do not accidentally mouseover cast Penance on a tank / melee/ totem and so on! This is because the mouseover takes priority.
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