Idea blatantly stolen from :

Regardless, with the disgusting amount of changes that we're getting in WoD, I think it'd be cool to have a group of people discuss it to help produce content for the resto community. I have a couple people in mind that I have contacts with, but for the sake of not throwing names around, I'll keep them quiet until I'm certain I can make this become a thing. I'm looking for players on the caliber of the Moonkin Round Table, so high-tier raiders, long time class players, producers of content, and top end PvPers (this is a big one. I've been raiding forever, but I know fuckall about PvP this expansion.)

I've been a Graphic Designer and Content Producer for the Starcraft II and League of Legends community for awhile now, and worked for IGN during the IPL tournaments, so I have the ability to produce a professional looking stream/video, so there are no concerns nor need for help on that end. Just need warm bodies to speak.

I'll take ideas for clever names though.