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    NOT. A. Bloody. Reskin.

    GAH you people infuriate me so goddamn much.

    Really, it's not difficult. A reskin is when the texture, and only the texture, of a model is changed. It's not hard to see from the name to be honest. Re. SKIN. Skin, as in, you know, the texture applied to the surfaces of the model?

    Unless you're half-blind, you can tell that the model is quite clearly different to the Worgen. It only reuses the Worgen's skeleton- it's posture, animations and so on.

    So please, for the love of all things holy, don't spout off about 'reskins' unless you actually know what a reskin is. Especially not in a snarky smartarse way - it just makes it more embarrassing. I mean, you have almost 5k posts, so you should know what a reskin is by now...

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    And you too. Read, and learn.
    lol... my friend, you have been trolled. Welcome to the internet!

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    Holy shit they are bring back Tubers WoW pvp is coming back.

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    Been on WoW break for a few weeks but still check here periodically to catch up on news. Honestly surprised about lack of beta but whatever I'm enjoying the break right now. While on this break I've been playing ESO. Imagine the chuckle I had when I suddenly see a khajiit on steroids model for WoW. Lawl. It's a cool model and all, but that's funny right there.

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    I don't understand how a cat race have worse claws than worgen. Should be the reverse.

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