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    Need just a little assistance with reforge

    I was able to finally get a thok normal trinket tonight after not seeing it for nearly 10 weeks or more. However I was already at around 40-41% haste before the trinket.

    The armory in question by the way is:


    I loaded up into AMR but it shows no changes but if I'm not mistaken I thought I read that it was best to get to around 40ish % haste and then go all into mastery. Thoughts on what to gem now? Thanks for any help!

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    Reason why AMR tells you there's no changes is that the default build will keep going for haste. What you can do is go to "Edit Weights" -> Haste softcap around 17100 just to make sure you're slightly above 40% haste, then once it does its haste softcap, it'll start pumping more mastery.

    That or you can replace str+haste gems into str+mastery / exp+haste to exp+mast.

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    You have 1672 haste over 17k.

    Start swapping exp/haste gems to exp/mastery gems till you're closer to 17k, but not going under.

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    Thanks for the help you all

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