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    I don't see why they couldn't give naga legs like they did to rag. Would look really good imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Protar View Post
    Vrykul are almost certainly not happening. Ogres almost certainly are
    And you know this based on.....? Right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Protar View Post
    The size isn't really an issue as they can range from absolutely huge to smaller than Tauren.
    Believe both Vrykul and Ogre are about the size of Tauren. Correct me if I am wrong though? However if this really is the case and both are the size of Tauren or around that mark than it seems unlikely that this particular thing would be the issue. Major concern would/should be more relevant to lore accommodations and player preference/demands.

    However it is worthwhile to note that Pandaren, a race once thought very unlikely to be ever implemented, ended up being part of the roster.

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    They can be the same height as Tauren. Not a problem. Thread over.

    Weird how you casually include Vrykul as the Alliance equivalent if the Horde were to get Ogres. Seems like you're taking that assessment out of the blue. Vrykul is not by any stretch of the imagination an obvious race for the Alliance like the Ogres are for the Horde. The obvious races for the Alliance is Furbolg and High Elves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaxxar View Post
    "Ogres average between six feet and seven feet in height at adulthood"

    Their classes would be Warrior, Monk, Mage, Hunter, Shaman, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, and finally Death Knight.
    I don't see Ogres being Druids or Paladins, so it's another class for da Trolls. :P
    Their mount of choice could be a Clefthoof, and their home would be Feralas, and Dire Maul would be the city of choice.
    Brackenwall should be moved to Feralas, the Stonemaul, Dunemaul, Dreadmaul, Torchbelcher, and Stonegullet take the land for themselves.
    I want these tribes to join the Horde. :P
    Nice display pic btw.

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    I say Vrykul because they're both tall races and they're the evolutionary ancestors of modern humans. If a large race were to be accepted into the Alliance, I'd assume it would be them, although I find it hard thinking how Blizz'd work them into the story again.

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    I hate the ogre suggestion. They're so bland and boring, I don't see the interest. Just my two cents tbh.
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Brittle Bones now has a 50% chance to turn the target into a purple-wearing supervillain.

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    I'm having a hard time seeing any of WoW's assortment of sentient races to join either of the two factions and I would rather see the add a new races (not seen before) or just keep it as it is.

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