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    Is there a significant difference between Unholy and 2H Frost at low ilevels?

    I've never really seriously played Unholy before, and I'd like to try it out! However, I might be disillusioned if my damage is too far below what I currently use (2H Frost). How do these specs compare in the 500 - 530 range?

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    Replying because there are 400+ views and no responses, and the best way to get a correct answer on the internet is to post a potentially wrong answer.

    Frost will outperform unholy at lower ilevels by 5k-10k dps with the gap slowly closing as ilvl increases. This is (probably) because frost scales poorly with secondary stats when compared to unholy, but has passives that help artificially boost dps at lower gear levels (i.e killing machine). Once you get higher ilvls (estimating 530+) then unholy scales better with haste, crit, and mastery than frost and will pull ahead.

    I used this graph as a source: http://raidbots.com/dpsbot/Overall_D...00000000000000
    You can see that both specs scale almost linearly through progession, then exponentially as BiS gear is added, with unholy scaling better.

    Hopefully someone can correct anything I got wrong, because I am by no means an expert, but hopefully this is helpful.

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    aphoticus that's pretty accurate. You actually summed it up simpler then most would have while still providing reasoning.

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