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    LF Addon with Weapon Damage/Real Damage conversion

    Hi I have a Problem and that is tha some Abilities do xx& Weapon Damage while others show the total damage and it can be a little confusing to tell which deal more or damage.

    One Example is Kill Shot vs. Kill Command as there is not always a clear winner depending on whether you have a good new weapon or found more upgrades for your Gear other than weapons.
    Got 11 Classes all of whom have different itemlevels and big variations in terms of equipment, keyword here "Garrosh Heirloom"

    So is there an Addon which tracks your weapon damage and shows all Damage tooltips of all your skill either as Weapon damage OR total value?
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    I think DrDamage would be a good choice for you, but not sure if it's updated to 5.4 as I don't use it but if it is, you should find it on Curse.

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