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    Quote Originally Posted by Exinium View Post
    If you're in a US top 50/100 then you'll likely have logs.
    Eh, this was back in Cata. I was never really so concerned with it that I bothered saving logs. (But I think one still remains on WoL from Tier 11, heh.)

    I fudged two gear levels so I wouldn't be in the 530's, and I would do it over and over again, because I'm confident in my ability to play my class. (Like I said.) I'm eternally thankful for the experience all of the guilds have given me, but in an effort to progress, guilds will probably need to be used as a launching point into other guilds. It was very much like this on Illidan. There were certain "farm" guilds whom weren't able to progress very far, but produced some exceptionally geared raiders for top tier guilds.
    Yeah, I just can't do that. I was in a total of two guilds my entire time in EverQuest and probably...5?, If that, in WoW since vanilla release. ("Left" most just due to breakups or me just quitting altogether.) Never left a guild to "move up" after getting geared or something, because I didn't join a guild at all if I wasn't willing to commit to sticking it out with them.

    I guess it's something I'm just stubborn about and will end up just being detrimental to myself in the long run, but I just can't be that guy who joins guilds only to leech gear and jump ship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alternategray View Post
    Openraid's gotten really competitive lately though. Ever since normal opened up, if you're on a roster with 558 ilvl you're probably at the bottom of the barrel. Every SoO I sign up for has easily enough 560+'s to fill the raid and then some, and some formerly casual RLs have gotten a little snobby now that they can pick and choose from among 14/14 normal and heroic raiders (can't really blame them, but it's annoying for those of us with good track records to get nudged out by a single damn number). And there's a lot of runs- from what I've seen, the majority- that are 14/14 normal required.
    There has been linked often several people that take lower geared people for raids.
    Trusmoov does several weekly Flex runs and from time to time normal runs. Her ilvl requirements is 520 for Flex 1-2-3 but she can be lax on that point Flex 4 550 but that is because she does it as a race and 550 for normal sometimes 545.

    Aria as well does flex sometimes (not as much anymore but she does a lot of normal and challengemode runs She does take in beginners as long the fit here requirements which is usually around 540-550 for normal regardless of experience. ofc she takes more experienced people more often.

    Then there is Kalepp who does weekly/ Bi-weekly normals and flex. Flex is usually 515-520 and normal is always 540. His raids is not as hardcore and he promises only to get as far as possible within the time allowed. Experience is not a matter and sometimes he takes below 540 people with him to raids.

    Lastly we have Sneezer who does lots of horde side raids. Have no idea. But have raided a lot with him personally on alliance side and he seems to be a great raid leader.

    This is just a small handfull of people that takes for the most part newbies in or lower geared people. And NEITHER of these people require cloak.

    If you can't find a raid that fits your requirements, then its either because you are not looking hard enough or you have really bad feedback and neither of these people will invite you.

    Attendence, Feedback and rating means a lot for raid leaders on openraid and the real raidleaders use those and not ilvl to decided who comes. well ilvl decide something as well but its more lax compared to trade pugs
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    Rizen, my alt is 551 without the cloak. I just finished Secrets yesterday and am starting Runestones, hopefully I'll have the cloak shortly. I just hit 90 on her a month and a half ago. I got invited to N Garrosh at 515 ilevel on her. We didn't quite get it down, but wiped due to EWC/MC's in last phase rather than healing issues. I got into a different normal fresh run a couple weeks ago at 529 ilevel, and have been very fortunate with drops since. Some of the gear is better itemized for my boomy set, but even discounting the wasted crit/hit, it was an upgrade for both int and secondary stats.

    Alocin, back in DS, I led my guild's alt/newbie run (usually cleared normals and did some heroics, cleared heroic late in the nerf cycle). I was fine with people who only had LFR experience, but if I caught anybody lying and using the Achieve Faker addon or whatever it was called, I kicked and blacklisted them.

    Bamboozle, I healed a 527 bear for his first Normal Garrosh kill. However, most groups want tanks with both the best gear and the most experience they can get. They might settle for a lower-geared and/or inexperienced one if they can't find anyone else, but generally healers and ranged can get into Normals at lower ilevels than tanks or mdps.

    Hupriest, some guilds are doing farm/progression on heroics and don't bother with normal clear. I've actually run into quite a few people with 5-8/14H experience but who don't yet have AotC.

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    My guild takes people in for Garrosh with much less sometimes. We've had boosted 90s even join in on the fun. It all depends on who you encounter in this game. Some people think gear = skill, others know skill > gear.

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    Dont worry, ur wolf mount can still be obtained for quite some while.

    But a problem with the game atm is that gear goes over skill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quesium View Post
    But a problem with the game atm is that gear goes over skill.
    what do you mean "atm"?
    It's always been like that, it's built on that foundation, it can't be any other way.

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