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    What happened to the iron warhorse ?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what happened to the iron warhorse :

    This mount had to be part of a toy item in blizzard store that should have been added with the cosmetic helm. Does anyone know what happened to this ? Any bluepost I could have missed on US forum ?

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    wasnt it a placeable item that when clicked by friendlies gave them a temp mount?
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    Like many interesting and fun items, it went straight to WoW TCG. I'm glad it's finally over, there will be no more sets.

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    Iron Hitching Post

    Has not yet been implemented, but is pegged for the Blizzard Store. It's being held back as one of the first cosmetic toys (along with the see-saw), whenever they get around to it.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    We’re also trying out something else new. A lot of people have liked the kinds of fun, limited-use items you can get from the WoW TCG—so we’re taking that idea to the Pet Store. Soon you’ll be able to snag two fun new little toys: the Seesaw and Iron Hitching Post!

    The Iron Hitching Post is a little different: It’s an item you set down that allows you and up to 24 of your closest raiding cohorts to each jump on your own new unearthly Iron Warhorse mount.
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    It is a TCG item that summons the mount to anyone that clicks.

    End thread
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    It is a TCG item that summons the mount to anyone that clicks.

    End thread
    Haha, the least you could do is post the proper info before acting like a child with the "end thread" bs. It is NOT a TCG item, it is a future blizzard store item. The blue post is linked in the post before yours.

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