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    HC Thok (10m) Healing CD tracker?

    Guild just started working on heroic thok and I was wondering if there was a nice weakauras to help with calling out/tracking healing CDs. We winged the CDs the first night and we did alright for the first phase, but it might get a little hectic later on. Anything to help would be greatly appreciated

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    There was a related thread where people posted Raid CD addons. Maybe it will help you.


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    hermes is what i use to show what raid cds are up and whats on cooldown. my guild also uses an addon called angry assignments to put up the order for screeches. if everyone has angry assignments then the raid leader can type into it and it will display it for the raid. we use it for almost every fight just so everyone knows what they are supposed to do and when to do it. its also nice cause it saves the hassle of setting things up every week. it saves everything you put into it. all you gotta do is change whats posted for the current boss.
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    This monitors the combat log and uses /rw to post a message based on the # of stacks in ph1.

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