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    Actually i have no problem with LFR since i do at least 200k hps sometimes 280-300k+(malkorok for example). U might say why are you doing lfr then? well.. for fun i guess and love to carry my group

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    I must have the most stellar luck for LFR. I see so many threads of these train wreck situations and I can only recall a handful of times that my group has been hopeless enough that I have dropped group. That's running through it on my main paladin as well as my monk, hunter, warlock, & priest. Durumu, Thunder King, Nazgrim, and Garrosh have been the culprits each time but other than that it's a relatively smooth run, bar the occasional loud mouth. Drop group get another and i'm usually good to go. For someone who raids exclusively through LFR this expansion I definitely haven't been witness to these nightmarish runs.

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    I do LFR every other week or so on various toons of all different gear and sizes. Since it was released I have never had more than 5 stacks of determination in a run.

    9/10 times it is a smooth run with little to no major faults. I do have to wonder what some of you must be doing in order to encounter such awful situations.

    Judging one or even a handful of LFR groups and then tarring everyone with that brush is just idiotic, but these days I am not shocked.

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    The only time I ever did LFR was prior to quitting a week or so after 4.3. All I remember is that no one knew what the hell they were doing and mechanics tickled you instead of doing damage. While I was reading up the boss fight in queue, I thought to myself, how will this work w/ this many mechanics? I knew I could do them since i've always found raiding easy, but I figured I was in for a large amount of wipes. Little did I know, LFR was on an incredibly easy difficulty. I was under the assumption that it was slightly easier than normal, but not by much. So while i'm dodging mechanics, I look at the whole raid eating them up. Figuring it's a wipe, I just stop moving and allow the beam to hit me, only to realize that instead of what the tooltip said I'd take, I took maybe 10% of that initial damage. I couldn't help but laugh at how dumbed down the content had become and laughed even harder after we wiped when there weren't any mechanics to worry about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    So don't do it then.

    I don't do pet battles but I don't feel the need to make a fucking thread about it declaring it to the world.
    No, I love these threads.

    Let the world know what an abomination LOLFR really is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sith View Post
    No, I love these threads.

    Let the world know what an abomination LOLFR really is.
    Really? People who hate LFR already hate it, people who don't find it to be that bad and understand that grouping with random people is going to have some ups and downs just laugh at the people who rage about it, and no one else cares. Yeah, the world has been put on notice. Or did I miss all the people who posted about how they never really had a problem with LFR but now that they've read this thread they want it removed from the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimreaper View Post
    If i wanted to brag i would have pointed out that the two other arms warriors in the raid were both above ilvl 540 while pulling less than 150k dps.

    Cmon, since when is "everyone else is terrible" the same as saying "i'm awesome".
    Are you kidding, that entire post was reeking of epeen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sith View Post
    No, I love these threads.

    Let the world know what an abomination LOLFR really is.
    It's called LFR btw

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    Yeah, it's gone from OK at start of and pre-MoP into just a completely painful mess. I'm gearing some toons atm using LFR to get them from timeless isle just turned 90 to flex group worthy, and LFR is easily now the worst gaming experience possible.

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    the trick is to run LFR on Wednesday and Thursday.......cleared all wings of ToT and SoO on numerous alts with just a few wipes here and there.

    Don't even bother trying to run it on the weekend or...the worst possible times....Monday or Tuesday.

    Won't go into the details why, but believe me, it makes a HUGE difference.

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