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    Was just doing some flex from OQ pugs on my lock alt yesterday.

    Nazgrim because OQ pugs suck shit. My lock had 14.99% hit. The boss was on like 1500k hp when I was the only one left alive because OQ pugs are shit. I had trinket procs up and darksoul. The boss was coming at me. Boom shadowburned for like 1.2 million. Next GCD I shadowburned again, and boom, it missed and the boss killed me before the GCD was over.

    GG. Thank god hit is being removed.

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    H Norushen, boss has no health at all, we hit berserk cause of a few dps being down for a bit, berserk hits, we die, boss dies. we go back and look at the combat logs. Our warriors Storm bolt was in flight when he died, crits the boss for about 1.2m and kills him after we're all dead from insta kill berserk. everyone lost their shit so hard
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    Madness HC:

    Paladin bubbled, Mage iceblocked & DW decided to give up at 3%, a splitt second before adds would reach him.

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    2nd week of tot release last 5 minuites of raid, Heroic Ji-kun, wiped on 1200hp... a dot woulda ticked over and killed it but the prick was resistant to the end... we ended up getting the kill in the third week, but fuck me 1200hp... how is that even fucking possible when everything ticks for like 20k+ at our lvl.
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    If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice.

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    Yesterday. Guild finally killed heroic Dark Shaman (extremely cleanly as well, amazingly) and we moved onto heroic General Nazgrim to learn the fight and get used to the new mechanics. Turned out to be very easy and manageable (prompting me to make a comment like "why didn't we go for this boss weeks ago?") and we have a few trail wipes before feeling very comfortable with just the two healers.

    Fight is going perfectly, minus a minor glitch where Nazgrim healed up by 10% at around 20% (which is probably a good thing honestly since it helped line up his stances and waves favourably). Coming into the final burn phase, and I'm watching his healthbar intently ready to unleash hell...

    And then I drop dead. I was so focused on that healthbar I didn't notice the Heroic Shockwave at my feet, nor the cries of frustrated horror from my guildmates who all saw it, and he phases. Despite the fact I'm the top DPS on that fight (Destruction Warlock, so no brainer really) and no battle rez being available, the rest of them go for it.

    With only two people surviving, both tanks and healers dead and the shaman add running towards him (undoubtably about to heal him up) and a few seconds left on the enrage.

    He dies. And somehow I'm still top of damage done.

    Moral of story: Destruction Warlocks are overpowered, and heroic Nazgrim is an undertuned fight. But holy shit that was close. And the last attempt of the night.

    (And one sad note: our Blood DK sat out for that fight due to a family emergency. The 2-handed Mace drops. And its Heroic Warforged. His Best In Slot. And it goes offspec to our Prot Warrior. I'm suprised he took it as well as he did.)

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    Our first Garalon kill, the boss died in the air coming down for his enraged crush.

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    First kill on Heroic Nazgrim 25M - Nazgrim Berserks and starts 1-shotting people and it ends with an Ice blocked mage check out the vid


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    My closest wipe was on Gruul back in BC, the boss had around 500 HP and a single hit from anyone in the raid would have killed him.

    As everyone quickly died and everyone was watching Gruul's hp get closer and closer to zero it finally came down to a Resto Shaman who decided to try and melee the boss for the kill.

    It didn't work out too well for us.

    Last night was a close one for my guild, we wiped on H Iron Juggernaut's enrage at around .03% after a few early deaths and a DC during the fight (damn knockback into cutter beam through tar haha).

    Edit: Totally thought I clicked on the other active thread about the closest wipe haha.
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    25 man vault of archavon, entire raid died on koralon except me, a resto druid that finished him off with a moonfire.

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    Majordomo during Firelands progression, everyone dead, me alive just about, ele shaman running from the boss, got a lucky tick off on a flame shock, instant lava burst, that was the first kill of that boss.

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    Believe it or not, when we were progressing on Heroic Sha of Pride, we were about to wipe, boss was at 8%, I'm the last one alive, Blood DK, and I managed to solo the boss to 0 for our first kill. The uproar in RaidCall (like vent) was insane xD.

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    Guess the one I can think of would be my first Shade of Aran kill. Nearly down and most of the raid is dead, just me as a warlock and another left standing. Mass polymorph comes out, I somehow don't get morphed and get to keep attacking and kill him before he gets to do much else. :P

    Probably got others but can't recall them atm.

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