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    Possibility of Dreanor map released in bits

    How do you like the idea of the map of Dreanor potentially being released bits at a time, and only part of the Dreanor map available at release?
    Blizzard have stated that they were thinking of 'saving' some zones for later release in patches.
    I'm not saying it's gonna be exactly like in the picture, but it gives you an idea. Exaggeration promotes (mis)understanding.

    Personally i think it just adds up to this trend that they are currently running with prolonging content and milking the last bit out of a once great era.
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    Only Farahlon and maybe that isle in the south-west will be released later, everything else at launch.
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    .....Why, what would the point of this be? It's just ludicrous.

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    Well I mean, it's not going to anyway.

    We've been told that the top right hand island is coming in 6.1, it's Faralon.
    Frostfire Ridge and Shadowmoon have to be out in 6.0 because those are the starting areas for Horde and Alliance.

    We're already getting dungeons released in Spires, and Talador and would have to be able to walk there for challenge modes and guild groups that don't que.

    Nagrand has the Ogre Raid and Gorgron has the Blackrock Raid, so they have to be out in 6.0

    The patches will bring additional islands and such into play. The land that you see will be out together.

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    6.5 in top right corner is actually coming out in 6.1

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    How do I like it? I dislike it.

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    The area that will become Netherstorm, can't think of the Draenor name right now, will be released in a future patch. All of the main continent will all released at launch and I don't think releasing them one at a time with patches is a good idea unless patches come very quickly, like within days or weeks. For one what you propose would have us leveling from 90-100 in a single zone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmniSkribe View Post
    Maybe an Idea to save some territories for a later date is not bad (for example islands ?.? patch), but you map is awful. Can you imagine a clusterfuck of Horde and Alliance players in 6.0 zone?
    That would indeed be less than ideal. Exaggeration promotes understanding
    "Stupid is as stupid does."

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    How would any of this make sense?

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    Terrible idea. Not really any merit whatsoever really, there's no way a single zone could sustain an entire patch, especially the launch patch. I do like how you justify your absurd criticisms of Blizzard with your own delusionally imagined scenarios.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganthar View Post
    That would indeed be less than ideal. Exaggeration promotes MISunderstanding
    I think that's what you meant to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganthar View Post

    50 dollar dlc for 1 zone ?

    EA is that you ???
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    Then we might as well refer to WoD as patch 5.5 (or a major patch) and call it a day. Honestly that's a pretty stupid idea. How on earth will we level beyond 92 if the rest of the zones are unavailable?

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    "Yeah, we're not going to release your home zones--the zones that get you to 92 or 93--until two patches after release." I highly doubt your vision will come to pass. Obviously you haven't been reading about the current progression model.

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    It would be suicidal for them to withhold zones :P

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    90-100 in one zone? Yeh.....about that...

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    lol this won't happen.

    Not this expansion anyway.

    Imagine paying $50 to get a pvp zone. Then after 4-6 months, finally a pve zone with a new raid. Then finally 8 months after release we get the zones with the new cities and garrisons? Did you even think this through?
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    Considering we're supposed to be going to Frostfire/Shadowmoon immediately after the Jungle? Ha.

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    Unless one zone is the size of all them combined (currently) then how about no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganthar View Post
    Personally i think it just adds up to this trend that they are currently running with prolonging content and milking the last bit out of a once great era.
    Why the hell are you making up a completely unrealistic scenario just to convict it afterwords?
    And what do you mean with the current trend of prolonging content? Stretching and reusing content are methods that have also been used sufficient in the past. Even more than recently.

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