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Considering this is nothing like an office job, i choose D (neither).

If someone is wasting peoples time, and the officers don't do anything about it, someone should step up and mention it. It doesn't matter if its an officer or not, what matters is the manner in which it is brought up. If the person has a smart ass remark to being called out (because he thought people wouldn't notice or care) now it's out in the open and the officers and the rest of the raid can't ignore it.

You assume that just because it's not an officer, or a "boss" that the other person isn't obligated to fix what he or she is doing. In fact, barring a mistaken accusation, you both are wrong. You aren't his boss, you are his teammate. If he is screwing up, you tell him and you should expect the same thing from him if you mess up. You don't run to someone else and wait to see if something is done. When you have enough information, step up and call them on it.
That works if you have a good relationship, judging by the guys response they don't really know each other and the interaction wasn't appropriate.

And I know this is nothing like an office job, but you know what is exactly the same? Human relationships. People seem to forget that they are interacting with REAL people when they are on the internet and all sorts of things that they would never do in real life seem to come to fruition here.