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    Boomkin Help Please

    So I raided on my boomkin at the start of this tier, got it to around a 575 ilvl, and then I had to switch to my brewmaster for the sake of the group. I recently trialed with a guild on my server for a spot in WOD and was turned away because my damage was not on par with what they were looking for. Granted, the other boomkin crushed me on most fights (he was helpful and giving advice though) but I did beat some of their core raiders on some fights. Not upset I got turned away, but I would like the great boomkins out their to pick through my logs and tell me what I am doing wrong at the moment.

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Bobkin/simple


    That was the most recent log entry. Its from nourshen to paragons. My dmg on siege and paragons is bad because of other people killing me (kiting sawblades and fire on me and then not standing in aim). But I was alive for the other fights to the best of my knowledge. I do know that my uptime on MF/SF can be improved and am actively working on that. I don't use stopcast macros for SS but I do prioritize them over everything else (especially if trinkets are up) I also prioritize meta procs for my dots as long as NG is up, bonus if trinkets are up as well.

    Hope to hear back from some great boomkins as this is the toon I want to main again for WOD.

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    The only issue I can find with your logs (without digging deeper than I can be bothered) is that your opener is just weird. You're trying to do something weird by casting Starsurge first and then using Incarnation in combat. Not only do you waste 1.5 seconds using Incarnation in combat but that first Starsurge you fire off is completely unbuffed and is almost a waste. You'll also want to push Berserking back a global because using it (macroing it?) with Incarnation wastes ~1 seconds of the duration. You should macro it with Celestial Alignment instead.

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