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    Quote Originally Posted by sebun View Post
    Grizzlemaw and Timbermaw Hold would have been cool locations for furbolg themed instances.

    Just imagine an instance with above style.
    I was thinking about Grizzlemaw as well. Some instance where you investigate why the tree was corrupted, and go deep into the roots and start finding Faceless Ones would have been pretty awesome, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LazerCats View Post
    I was thinking about Grizzlemaw as well. Some instance where you investigate why the tree was corrupted, and go deep into the roots and start finding Faceless Ones would have been pretty awesome, I think.
    Yep, start from the ground level (that tunnel shown in the picture would work) and work your way down to stop the corruption. The place always felt to me like instance just waiting to be opened since I saw it the first time in Wrath beta.

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    Missed a raid instance around the Ice Trolls in WotlK.
    And in Cata there had to be a raid for Vashj'ir.

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    Duskwood. Or STV.

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    In Warcraft 3 Stonetalon had caverns, would've been nice to see an instance there. Plus there's some Night Elf lore in there.

    An ogre or Murk Blood instance would have been cool in Nagrand. The ogre compounds were especially huge, but I suppose there's Gruul's lair for ogre's.

    What Blizzard did for the Old Kingdom was really disappointing, I was hoping it would be a lot more vast and more nerubian-y and less undead-y. But they did say they wish they could do more themselves, so at least they can see that.

    Cataclysm was okay for dungeons, but remake wise I think Shadow Labyrinth would've been a good choice over the troll instances since Murmur was a really unique elemental boss.

    In MoP all that's really missing is a Yaungol instance. Timeless Isle probably would have been a decent place to put it.

    In general I agree that Grizzly Hills would have been a great place for a Furbolg instance, but there's still that place in Azshara that's full of them, unless it was removed in Cataclysm I haven't touched the zone since the remake.

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    Any of the old Emerald Dream portals.

    Stonetalon Mountains. Some kind of dispute/mini war-like battle between Alliance and Horde (would've been perfect in Cata).

    Thousand Needles - Grimtotem-themed. Lots of cool design ideas could be taken advantage of here for unique architecture & encounters (might have been best pre-Cata).

    Hillsbrad Foothills - Horde scenario: Forsaken ravaging the land/Alliance (Cata).

    Zul'Dare - some new plot development. Something to do with Naga maybe.

    Kul Tiras - cos it's about fucking time.

    I also support the idea of an instance in Un'Goro.
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    darkshire imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shokat View Post
    Nagrand. Ogres.
    In wod you will get that. Highmaul is an ogre raid in nagrand!

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    I was always looking forward to Gundrak, but I guess it ended up just being for looks. I wanted to see more Nerubian content in Northrend. I wouldve loved to see the supposed Nerubian city split into different dungeons. Id always enter Old Kingdom and stare below. As to what that place couldve held. Grizzlemaw in Grizzly Hills mightve been an interesting place to do dungeons at. The rumors about the sleeping horror under the frozen lake in Wintersprings. An old God slumbering in the forsaken forest in Tirisfal Glades.

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    I'm not into the lore so much.... is that why so many of you mention Nerubian? Because there is lots of lore there?

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    Felwood or Winterspring, but pre Cata. The "Trey" quest line in Jadenar was one of my favorites, and since the quest finale was at the bottom, I felt like it would have made a great instance. Old darkwhisper gorge or the Owlkin cave would have been good for instances in Winterspring.

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    Felwood. I always wondered why there was none there in Vanilla.

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    Somewhere near the Exodar area.

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    Stromgarde made into an instance, where you liberate it of the Syndicate and Ogres.

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    At the old gates of Uldum. A proper follow up to the disc quest portion of Uldaman is something I wish they had really done, but the Cata zone never seemed to tie directly to that story (unless I missed it).

    As for a place I would have liked to see an instance.... probably Jintha'alor in the Hinterlands, or Stromgarde Keep in Arathi.
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    A crypt instance in Duskwood would have been cool (imo).

    One related to demons in Blasted Lands.

    It has four 5 mans (though not from launch) but I would have liked either a Vrykul or Scarlet Crusade instance in Icecrown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeganHunter View Post
    I always wanted an instance in Winterspring.
    My thoughts when i read the title

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    a few..

    abyssal maw

    there is a tucked away collapsed tunnel in stonecore after the last boss, just explore the final room

    gundrak castle

    underneath the fucked up tree in grizzly hills where yoggs corruption sent it to shit

    azjol nerub. not the little shitball instance. im talking about a raid instance that used the whole azjol nerub/fallen kingdom environment. the dungeons are huge for being so small gameplay wise. would have been a better use of the scrapped azjol nerub zone instead of 2 little instances.

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    For Vanilla, I'd say Azshara and Arathi, possibly Silithus. I'd have liked a more complex and dark dungeon naga themed in Azshara, and OH MY GOD a battle for Stromgarde in Arathi. It's not too late for that, is it? Watch the machinina called Return if you want to know why. As for Silithus, I know they put both Ahn'Qiraji parts in there, but a regular 5men to anticipate the later content would have been nice.

    For TBC, I'd say Nagrand lacks one, and I'd have liked to explore the mysteries of orc ancestors a bit more, even as alliance.

    For Wrath I think they could have done one in Grizzly Hills to expand on Yogg Saron corruption, and I'd have like to see one more Vrykul-themed instance in Icecrown (at their city where you quest) and most of all, I felt we missed an Azjol-Nerub raid. When you fall down in ToC to face Anub'arak I was SO hoping for a subterranean wing to explore Northrend's underworld.

    For Cataclysm I think we really, and badly, missed only one thing: a Neptulon raid. The story is cut short at the 5men, and I know for certain that it was planned to be released, most likely along with Firelands. Then it got scrapped.

    As for Pandaria, I'd say job well done. In between scenarios and 5men I think they covered the story very well.
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    Falconwing Square in Eversong Woods - The Scourge and Wretched are simultaneously making a push for the area from opposite sides, and new Blood Elves and members of the Horde need to repel them long enough for reinforcements from Silvermoon to arrive. Game's first level 5 dungeon? Could also be a scenario...

    Teldrassil - I love the ramps that go up and down the trees in the area, I think that could be expanded into a dungeon. Perhaps the Satyr have banded together and are seeking to corrupt the trees? Combat would involve the adventurer running up the ramps killing baddies, kill a boss at the top of the tree, and use druid/arcane magic (two conflicting schools for the night elves) to transport to the next tree. Again, would suit a low level (5?) dungeon or scenario.

    Heroic Maraudon - I know this is not what the thread wants, but this would be the best thing added ever in my opinion. My friends and I were all about level 42 when Patch 1.2 hit, and we proceeded to spend an eternity re-running Maraudon, because we loved the look of it SO much! However, if it were indeed added, the amount of people that would NEVER run it would probably number in the millions.

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