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    Quote Originally Posted by MrElusive View Post
    Northern end of Darkshore.
    Ah..I see. The former entrance is still there, isn't it? At least there is a similar pit in the ruins up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VoodooGaming View Post
    You're right - Developers who've now got ~10 years experience, and a lot more to lose are actually going backwards with Warlords. Patch 1.1 was totally a lot better ...

    Some of you are utterly pathetic.
    And you're the runner-up, booboo.

    It's not all about shiny features and polish. I wouldn't say the game was outright better, but it had soul back then.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    No that is more like around Dire Maul... you know the place no one goes to anymore. (certainly not by riding there)
    Everything Nice is right, that video was shot on the road that goes between Terokkar Forest and Nagrand, in Outland.
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    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You die.
    You are dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    sounds better than WoD.

    <everything has been nerfed, made less fun, or simply removed>
    so much facepalm........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eiserne Drossel View Post
    He's not talking about how casual the game was back then compared to other MMO's.

    He's talking about how World of Warcraft had integrity back then. It was special, it had a soul, many things in the game were unique from one and another. Today everything about World of Warcraft is streamlined and homogenized. Every class works the same, the only thing that makes them different is the name of the abilities and spells.

    Everything in the game didn't have to make sense, and it gave the game a feeling of mystery.
    From a pvp point that isn't true at all otherwise every spec would be rank 1 viable that is not the case. Certain classes wouldn't get sat on fights either. It wasn't special. Wow has always taken features from other mmos. Blizzard rarely comes up with there own ideas.
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    It still had integrity as in it was still a game for itself. It's not really an adventure game anymore. It went from feeling like a real experience to just playing a game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon138 View Post
    It still had integrity as in it was still a game for itself. It's not really an adventure game anymore. It went from feeling like a real experience to just playing a game.
    No, it wasn't if you think blizzard hasn't had to impress investor or sacrifice their vision of what wow should be to reach success like I don't even know(even during development). Its still is an adventure game. Maybe you lost that sense of immersion but for some it was never there.

    ad·ven·ture game
    a type of computer game in which the participant plays a fantasy role in an episodic adventure story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    This is what it looked like. It took a few seconds of running to reach full speed. It was broken so they removed it. I kinda wish they would have kept it, and made it take like 2 seconds to fully activate so its balanced with the 1.5sec cast time of mounts.

    Want this back more than anything. They could implement it with a cast time like they did for Worgen i suppose.

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    I do feel a bit rose tinted about the things everyone loathed, to me wow really did feel like a reasonably complex rpg (more so than diablo 2 which is what i was playing before it), akin to a D&D title, depth, complexity, randomness, after all you could say the whole thing is arbitrary, sure regents were a pain in the ass, but it was a tiny gold sink, sure making your own poisons was tedious, but it WAS more engaging then either buy them off the vendor or having unlimited uses sort of magically on you. i could go on, i do feel the game has improved overall though in many small aspects, from visuals to abilities (be those character and boss), but only in terms of simplicity or ease of use for the most part, it is still easy to play and hard to master.

    the loss of regents the loss of arrows and quivers, the homogenization of roles and some buffs and things, those streamlined the experience but did remove an element of uniqueness. at least to me. then again i flat out played a healing priest, so i have the bias that i did play the class that could heal the best in any situation, lasted the longest on mana, spend the least amount of time wanding.. ffs why did they remove wanding! i could smoke/bio during those bits!

    honestly though, everything took longer so it doesn't fit the time any more, it does feel more rewarding if more effort is put into a task and i think that is what is missing in some form, yet the inclination of a hard mode in wow does make up for the loss of the old tedium which made up a reasonable portion of the effort, some ppl forget or simply can't raid heroic so they are left without that effort requiring goal that gives you the fulfilment from completing a task that took it. it doesn't really help having a super easy mode tempting you to spoil it for yourself and making it seem trivial at the same time.
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    "Vanish will now cancel spells in progress and missiles in flight if they are being cast at the vanished player."

    Aww man I forgot about how frustrating that was when your stealth got broken due to incoming arcane missiles and such.

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