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    Closest class in wow that resembles Malthael?

    Was thinking about starting a new project in wow. Wanted to make a class that was closest to what Malthael in Reaper of Souls is. I know the warlock has some tier gear that resembles Malthael as well as the whole "soul" theme. Not sure where the demons would come in tho. Then there is Death Knight but they seem more necro mancery melee type. Again I could be wrong but when I googled the question nothing came up. I know shadow priests can be "angelic" however none of their spells resemble Malthael. So maybe he is just a combo of them all? Thoughts? Much appretiated!

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    Death Knight's have an ability called 'Soul Reaper'.

    That should answer your question.
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    As you said, making a class like that would steal away from priests / locks / death knights and would conflict with WoW lore.

    Speaking hypothetically of course, if it does happen i would think they would be plated Holy / dark, but not in an unholy way. Kinda like a "The end justifies the means" type of warrior.
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    Very good point Lightsfist. I guess DK would be closest. Kind of like you were saying Dekal. The once champion turned bad. I noticed a lot of DK skills atleast from back in the day when I played one where opposites of Paladin. And Unholy spec for DK would probably be closest. Good point of views.

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    I always thought dk's should have proper specializations for dual wielding instead of having frost be two-hander and dual wielding. I think it would be nice to have a "soul" theme'd dual wielding specialization.

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    to visually pull off something akin to Malthael, it would have to be a DK... might be able to do something with a rogue or maybe even a warlock, mog wise, but in terms of overall gameplay, would have to be DK.

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    Frost DK with dual wielding axes mogged to scythe-looking weapons might work visually.

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    It would be Awsome if we could get some sycles or how ever you pronounce them in game ! Yeah mog wise I know rogue t2 very similar same with lock. More and more I think about really do believe death knight would be closest. Obviously would have to be undead as well.

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    Priests definitely.
    Just check their T5 and T6.

    Furthermore, priests have both Light and Dark, and definitely wield life and death.
    There is no closer class.
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    Hmm another good point. I guess the only thing would be the melee aspect but very good opinion.

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    You can always auto-attack with your Staff.

    There is no way to match Malthael.
    Frost DK is the only that dual wields and bears any similarity in theme to Malthael.
    Problem? Diseases. Frost skills. No semblance of "former holyness".

    Unholy DK is the melee that most resembles Malthael as a whole.
    Problem? Diseases. Undead pet. No dual wield. No semblance of "former holyness".

    Priest is the one that best resembles Malthael's power.
    Problem? No plate. No melee. No dual wield.

    Take your pick.
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    Think I am going to go with priest ! Since I have a 89 human priest I just factions changed to horde as an undead male. I'll try and see if I can get the reaper looking weapons I think warlocks get as a class specific quest but I'm sure there are other versions of it I know there is a seasonal boss ( frost lord or something ) that drops a sythe could be wrong tho. Thanks for the advice

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    I think he's like a rogue with death knight abilities.

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