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    Need help with Weak Auras.

    Hello i tried to look up the forums/google.
    Im not so much into WA, so im using other addons to track my stuff, but i need this particilur addon to track duration of my "Potion of Luck", and i tried everywhere and i cant find the right string for it.
    If anyone could help, will be greatly appreciated.

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    trigger/type:aura/aura nameotion of luck/unitlayer/aura type:Buff

    dutObaGEis7IQIxlPMjKYCHsZgKBtWoLK9I2nW(j0pHk)fQ63cdvegmvz4KYXeLZbkSqqvTuiOlrvPLtLhlXtvTmiQ NRWHjAQs1KjvtNYfHiUkeQNrv11vKncQY3bfTzPSDiXhbL60KmnOyEGknsqjFwrnAivJhuXjfPBbjDniW5fvdteDzL (geYmJDEfFkWwxtwwSPLamWAoP(IxcvqFfYXRfMkasm8dEK9jPp(5f4151zNVfa7kKUSczm86QHgKm)MSup49vJFyY s9irOagpctHnS68UDwfGEU2YRkbG3CQ551XoVBf49ZhWeGdaLt4Z7wbCARtAHJhU8aPWoyNvz8jctfarVOj6H2uPMg nEWKq3PMNx3Gvz8kDETWubq0lAIEqtLAE4GR1gRXku9JiyW3cGXJeiuqCQOh8cGXNJR1gRXkuZqqsEOqQZoVlGw25f MGmf70OrJgVKD(eHPcGOx0e9qBQuZNcS11KLfBAjadSMtQV4Lqf0xHC8AHPcGednEuyvgMSK0iba
    thats it

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    trigger/type:aura/aura name:potion of luck/unit:player/aura type:Buff

    thats it
    Just correcting the automatic emoticons to make it easier to read.
    Wrap text in between to prevent parsing of the text or add more spaces to fix that.
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