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    They "don't know" about flying? If am I not mistaken they "knew" with all other expansions about flying (I could be wrong). But this expansion it's "don't know"? I'm confused on why they just don't say like they did before. I've got a sinking feeling that one of the things I love about WoW is going down the drain. meh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skalm View Post
    I just love how they flat out lie to people about not knowing if there will be flying or not. All of that is already decided. They already know what every tier of WoD is going to be. Everything is already planned out, that is how you run a business. They do not wait til the end of a tier to decided what the next tier will be. They are already planning on what comes after WoD. The only thing that will put flying back into WoD is if they lose a lot more $$ than their projections stated when they did a cost analysis of removing flying.
    Smells like the opinion of someone that likes being lazy.

    There are plenty that prefer no flying mounts, and I bet it is enough that they will not change their minds based off dollars earned. Having ground mounts only will force people into the world again, re-open the world PvP possibilities, and let us use mounts that I have collected that I have not been able to use for some time.

    My opinion is I don't see them holding out for more than two patches on flying just because in both Cata and MoP we had it before the end of the firet teir.

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    What is Ashran?


    Ultimately flying (or not) is more likely going to be a feedback thing, but only if the feedback is overwhelmingly negative otherwise Blizz will marginalize it as much as possible to force players to kill their way through mobs/go along THEIR preferred route. Wont be surprised if a Blue answers to a player that theyre having problems farming mats to give the rather sympathetic "Have you used your garrison yet? Its very useful for a wide variety of activities including gathering mat" or the already given flightpaths, because surely those will be fixed in WoD right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

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    All the plate sets so far have been awesome. I love those cloth sets too. Leather is meh, Mail is ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lokinrond713 View Post
    What is Ashran?
    Timeless Isle 2.0

    Think of Timeless Isle mixed with battleground objectives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibbi View Post
    Timeless Isle 2.0

    Think of Timeless Isle mixed with battleground objectives.
    Timeless Isle mixed with a bit of AV and TB/WG, is how I read it.
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    I didn't even know that they had started filming the Warcraft movie, or that it had even been cast.

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    You may want to change snowballing at the top LOL

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    My main grip with these armour sets are the fact that they look "over-cartoony", at least compared with the new character models. I know World of Warcraft has it's own stylized graphics style and I love it to death but whereas the overall game, the graphics of the zones, monsters, NPCs, the new character models etc.. The armour design, look and feel hasn't matured much at all. They just feel lacklustre, and that's not because of the overall flimsy design of many of the sets. It's more because of the severe lack of actual detail making cloth, leather, mail and plate into a mush. There is no real distinction between them, even with it's stylized graphics there should be a way to make this armour sets and equipment more pronounced and make them actually feel more like cloth, leather, mail and plate.

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    Cataclysm level of excitement level 11 on a scale of 10

    After the release ... pile of poo, biggest disappointment

    is raiding a part of the game anymore ?

    whats the end game now ? raid ? ¨epic¨ ( see rep grinding) quest on an island ?

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    ok i'm out i stop reading comment section from now, this is like whole of the fucking idiots from the entire universe posting here their "thoughts"

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    It's simple as that:
    We are a casual and half-progress guild.

    Half of my guild will buy next expansion when they will allow flying again on the re-textured Outland.
    Wasting more time for get a deposit or herb, always dead fly masters, endless genking, empty boutlgrounds... etc.
    No thanks.
    It will be another Cataclysm fail.

    And how they solve the phoenix mounts? how could they run on ground???? he????
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    That green mail armor is awesome. Finally a hunter armor that's not a walking trophy rack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honeyprime View Post
    They "don't know" about flying? If am I not mistaken they "knew" with all other expansions about flying (I could be wrong). But this expansion it's "don't know"? I'm confused on why they just don't say like they did before. I've got a sinking feeling that one of the things I love about WoW is going down the drain. meh
    I think people are getting things wrong as why this is a bad idea.

    It's not about being lazy or anything like that. It's making what could be a tedious task not so much of a chore. I get the whole thing about needing the challenge of fighting through mobs and all that, but when you have to get through the very same mobs again and again after it's proven that they provide zero challenge other than to keep you from farming that node you wanted, it becomes less and less about that and more about forcing a play style on others without either thinking or even caring about the consequences. If I want to farm a node and do what I would usually do to grey/green mobs (run past them), and then see a node I want, what ends up happening? I can't farm it until I kill the mobs under most circumstances, and in that time, an asshat can come in and just steal it because I had to kill something I didn't necessarily need to, or would've had to would I be able to just fly over them to not aggro something.

    It's something EVERY player enjoyed once they paid the gold and got the mounts to take advantage of it. So why do people complain that other players did something that they had just as much right to do?

    And it's not even just about that. This decision stinks of catering to elitists. What other decision will they do to cater to them?

    In closing, this is not an announcement they made at Blizzcon. Something tells me they didn't think they would get a whole lot of cheers for this. If they were more sure that people would receive this positively, they would've made this announcement at Blizzcon. I don't expect the responses to be very good for the decision (most aren't so far), and I expect that they will possibly change their decision. The way they did it in MoP (where you couldn't fly until max level in the continent) worked fine and it was received well, and it was a very good reward (as with many RPG) for getting to that point in the game where not much in the overworld can really challenge you. Not sure why they felt the need to fix something that wasn't broken.
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