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    "See the content"

    Is there anyone else out there that wants to see the content for the first time with a raid team and not with ransoms in LFR? I led a raid group in ICC back in the day and to this day downing LK is my favorite moment in WoW and probably all of video gaming as well. I know they say you don't have to, but it seems like in the real world (of Warcraft) you do. Maybe I'm just a super nerd for thinking like this, hah.

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    You totally don't have to. Same way you don't have to look up boss mechanics or bring flasks/potions to raid.

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    TBH with the growth of livestreaming and youtube, anyone can 'see the content' without even touching the game. It isn't the main feature of LFR if that's what you're hinting at.

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    Totally agree, i started playing in WotLK, and also my favourite moment is downing the LK. With my guild. And now i killed Garrosh countless times on multiple characters in LFR, and i am not really motivated to do that again in normal mode, cause i've seen it all before. Maybe that's just me, but i think that without LFR i'd be a lot more motivated to go raid normal mode. (i don't think seeing the fight on YT is really the same)

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    No I'm just saying that's what Blizzard seems to say. And I'm not saying you have to in terms of gear reqs but most raid groups are going to expect it. A good solution for myself would be to find one that goes in cold turkey I guess. I can't imagine how hard it would be to find such a thing.

    And I'm not flaming Blizzard or the game honestly. Most decisions they have made with WoW have been spot on IMO.

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