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    Random 90 Dwarf DKs

    I've been leveling my lowbie ally Warrior recently, out of boredom, and I have been seeing a ton of level 90 Dwarf DKs flying around Archaeology sites, is this a thing? Some kind of new bot (although, I can't think of what they're farming.)? They all seem to have different gear as well, not all boosted 90 gear like one might expect from bots. (Unless they're compromised accounts I guess, in which case I might ask, why only Dwarves?)

    Just something weird I've been noticing the past few weeks.
    so Warlords of Draenor is /'woɹː.loɹːdz ʌv 'ɖɹæːn.oɹː/.
    I've always loved how in an attempt to make pronunciation through text easier to understand people have created a seemingly alien cypher for which few people without a degree related to language would ever been able to understand.

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    Might be bots. Do dwarves have a bonus for arch or something? I've never played a dwarf.

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    Well, that dwarf racial that gives an archaeology bonus might explain why they are all dwarves; DK is the fastest way to 60, where the profession boost kicks in on the jump to 90, so that might explain why DK. ...and, honestly, it could just be that people are grinding arch up after the boost which, IIRC, doesn't touch secondary professions other than first aide.

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