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    Incentive to visit other racial homes - My idea.

    So, in all the time I've been playing WoW (as horde) I can count the amount of times I've visited the Blood Elf capital on three fingers. The amount of times I've explored it is zero. Why? Because it's out of the way, nobody is ever there, it's layout is different than I am used to, etc.
    I know I am not alone, so what would make us want to visit these places?
    My idea for this would be to implement weekly "City perks" much like CTA for BGs. Each week a different racial capital (one for each faction) would give a certain benefit to players while in the city.
    For example, 10% chance to create an extra item while crafting in the city, or vendor mats cost 50% less. Stuff like that. Nothing game breaking, just enough to get people into these places.

    What are your ideas?

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    It's best to just put portals, shrine and transmog/barber in every city.
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