View Poll Results: Time spent studying WoW out of game?

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  • Never, I want to learn everything by experience/trial and error.

    30 26.09%
  • 2-4 hours per tier/content release

    31 26.96%
  • 4-8 hours per tier/content release

    12 10.43%
  • 8-12+ hours per tier/content release

    30 26.09%
  • Never, studying for a game is stupid and shouldn't be expected of players.

    12 10.43%
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    Believe it or not. Studying the game is my favorite part of the game. Being able to apply what you learn is always a great feeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeroicMythic View Post
    If we talk about raiding: It is quite usual that players have no problems wasting 4h of other players time instead of reading a 10 minutes guide. The problem is obvious. Way to many players are too nice and allow assholes to waste their time.

    Reading about a fight doesn't mean you can do the fight.

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    This is wow... if you can't figure things out in a few hours max you are doing it wrong.
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    If the bosses aren't complete faceroll or it's heroic mode then I may spend 30m-1 hr watching videos and looking around for optimization. Otherwise there is often no need to spend any time unless you are unfamiliar with a spec or class. (IMO most classes can be played at least around 75% potential without guidance) Most of the time there aren't even guides when I attempt the bosses so maybe under an hour in most cases. There is no option on the poll for that so I won't vote I guess.
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    I wouldn't tell my raid members this, but I don't do jack before normal, then I read the journal before Heroics. I'm more of a hands-on learner anyway so I'd have to see the fight a few times anyway before it clicked.

    I do this just to avoid spoilers and to keep the content as fresh as possible. We're around 300th in the West so it's not like there's a big competition. There are some people who act like this is akin to sabotaging your guild, but I consider preparation a form of cheating, like reading the Dungeon Masters notes while he's taking a piss.
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    I just can't do videos. The video explanations of fights are usually way too long and over complicated with someone with a pretty annoyingly thick accent who just likes to hear themselves talk. >_<

    OK. Sorry.
    But I'll read the basics of it. I don't actually learn the fight until I play the fight and then learn "Oh THAT'S why I died.. jeeze, I feel pretty stupid now".

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    1 hour or less when major class changes are deployed.
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    Aside from looking up boss/item stats on WoWhead or the Dungeon Journal, I don't do much research for the game, game-wise. I prefer to learn the game from playing it.

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    None. I have no interest in thoerycrafting. I have better things to do them spend hours studying to play a computer game online. I'd rather get in there and try it out for myself.

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    Having been a hardcore raider since the start, a raid leader for most of it and a guild master for some. ALOT.
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