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    Alliance Rant This Morning

    Seriously fucking 0-6 this morning. How can the alliance be this freaking horrible?

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    What a huge sample size. Blizzard should drop everything and retune WoW because Lord Fainth went 0-6 once this morning! !

    On a serious note, I do agree with topic starter: and believe your Faction Choice should have no impact on your win percentage.

    Alliance and Horde should be allowed to battle together and it would solve a lot of issues such as queue times and imbalances. It would also allow friends with different tastes to play together who discover that they both play wow but opposite factions.

    And of course it would cater to players like me who prefer one Faction's City Architecture but like to play as one of the other Faction's Races.

    The list goes on. One of the problem points are maps which are imbalanced due to being asymmetric and Blizzard had to go back and change some Alterac Valleyinfrastructure for example. Mobas like DotA however showed that it is better to have slightly imbalanced but asymmetrical maps [else it would be boring] and the imbalance-problem is solved via everyone rotating starting locations.
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    Funny, I went 0-6 as Horde this morning and I thought the same thing. Just depends how good/bad your team is vs the others.
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    Thanks for keeping us up to date with your personal blog.

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    I was having a good day, but now I can't keep this horrible situation out of my mind.

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    if you solo q then its going to happen, go with buddies, you will have more of a chance.
    its been proven already, you cant depend on the random morons every time..
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