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    Gold Farming Area: An Honest Opinion

    Hi all,
    I have recently been looking into gold-farming areas as I am constantly broke and I came across a popular one that looked good, estimates ranging from 5k an hour to 15k an hour. So I hopped onto Windward Isle and…got about 2k an hour. Hm…interesting.

    Granted, I do not have tailoring (with the extra cloth drops), but these guides clearly state that this is a "NO PROFESSION GUIDE". Because of this, I was wondering if you guys were finding that these farming areas are overhyped.

    Finally, one question for you all. Where do you farm (no professions) and what is your average gold per hour (honestly!)?

    Thanks a lot!


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    Alot will depend on your gear and efficiency. You might be having too much downtime, or travel time compared to someone else. Certain classes are also far superior for some grinding (my frost Dk is far superior to my warlock for efficiency, even with lower dps due howling blast cleaving and no cast times). Another big thing is averaging over 5-10 hours of total farming as 1 specific item such as a BoE blue could account for a large chunk of gold, but isnt likely to be every hour occurrence.

    Currently im farming Mogu in the vale (chasing skyshards so its double reason), I usually do it on my lock due to being a tailor but lock or DK can run 2-5k per hour. Secret is in the cache keys aswell + cloth, greens, blues and vendor trash.

    Other location which I havent been to in awhile was Uldum, Schnoots infantry on the hill where they are in large groups on my lock for embersilk cloth. With potions I used to net around 1k cloth per hour + greens/BoE's/volatiles and ores etc. Not sure how the potion works still as I think they might have nerfed it though. Embersilk was 3-5g per and volatiles around 5-10g per (id end up with 100'ish of most over an hour from chests).

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    Where do I farm? Yes...farming... I do that, but not through PvE.

    I am a PvPer, and I have transmutation alchemy, and assuming I make 3135 CP per week(I'm very good, though I wouldn't come anywhere near close to being the best), I can buy 5 spirits per week. If I grind for HP throughout the week, I can buy an additional spirit, making 6. These 6 can be used in my daily transmutations, so I can produce 13 minimum. I usually make an average of 18-20 per week (due to my transmutation alchemy perk). That makes a whole stack. A stack of living steel on Moon Guard sells for 10k gold. That's 10k gold per week, just off of PvPing. Also, while running arena, I like to sell caps, at the price of 150g per win. I usually run 3s, and if I bring along two customers, that's...let's see...that's an extra 3000 gold from selling caps. So, if I add that all up; 13k per week.

    Or, if you want, you can just run around Timeless Isle killing rares for a petty 1k gold per hour.

    My bad, didn't see the no professions request in the OP's title, but I'm pretty sure that you can't realistically make 10k+ gold per week (four hours of work per week) without professions.
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