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    Adventure Mode Raiding - Yes or No?

    What ho,

    So in the gap between expansions, people either turn to HC raiding, gouge their eyes out of boredom, or quit. All due to the lack of new content. The newest raid, while it might be amazing, obviously can't keep us interested for too long before it becomes a tedious grind.

    So why not implement Adventure Mode Raiding (inspired by Diablo 3 bounties). Let's call this Raid Bounties.

    • Every single raid boss in the game is placed in a random pool of Bounties.
    • Example Bounties could be: "Kill Lady Vasjh" or "Win the Siege of Ulduar".
    • Via the Dungeon Finder, you can search for random Bounties. You may also choose which expansions you want Bounties from (you can select All).
    • The rewards come in a form of currency, which you then use to purchase high-end gear from a vendor. Easier (older) raids yield less but are quicker to complete, while harder (newer) ones yield more and take longer.
    • The raid group size requirement is based on the expansion: Vanilla requires 5; TBC 10; Cata 15; MoP 20; WoD 25.
    • Mythic difficulty is not available for this; all old raids are set to their highest difficulty available, while WoD raids can be toggled from Nomal to Hardcore.
    • Chosen difficulty affects rewards for the WoD Bounties.
    • All raids may also drop their normal loot while you do them, but with a slightly lower drop-rate to make up for the fact that you can also buy it with the currency you earn.

    At the end of the day, this will give us an endless amount of raid content, all of the time. We will never, ever run into the situation where we are stuck raiding the same place for months on end. Yet, while a raid is new and shiny, it will still be rewarding to raid it like you normally would, with bounties being a thing on the side for extra content and more loot.

    This system can obviously be expanded to dungeons as well, allowing us to gear up for raiding in a less linear way, and also giving up a good chance to re-visit old favourite dungeons.

    I should point out that this is one of my "off the top of my head" ideas - which means that I wrote it out of passion more than anything else. At some point, I might design a more solid concept for this, and illustrate it with an infograph.
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    Epic 5 man C'tun raid! This is not a bad idea. It needs a bit polishing though. Pretty sure when player scaling will work as intended for low lvl dungeons we will see something like this. Eventually.

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    This could have immense potential to be a huge timesink, but needs serious polish and consideration which of course will take up a raid tier (like anything else that's not raid-tier related content) so I doubt we will see this soon. Also, isn't this like the diablo adventure mode?

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    Requires too much tuning. The Diablo 3 bounty system is a different lure to get people to play old content than the transmog / legendary / mount system. It serves a different goal.
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    Pls do not cope pasterino diablo adventurino.

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    I'd love it if random, fun loot dropped. Transmog stuff, pets, mounts,toys.

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    Hmm.. it's definitely a concept that can be totally worked on, IMO.

    Remember in WotLK, we had the "weekly raid boss quest"? It would be neat if we had that again, but maybe with certain requirements and maybe with special rewards? I don't think those quests should award valor (if they did, not a lot), but perhaps another RNG chest where you may or may not get something good. Allow us to have 3-5 of those that span throughout the week and I think we would be onto something pretty fun.

    Especially during times like this where I'm sure a lot of people had enough of SoO.

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    takes too much resources away from "real" content.
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