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    Quote Originally Posted by divkasmrti View Post
    i have just compleated my 30th level 90 alt with no boosted 90s i should hit 50 b4 warlords back from the keyboard...go to your front it...look outside...see the yellow shiny thing? Thats called the sun...try and get out into it once in a while ;p

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    Thats really some dedication, anythin but one character to me is too much. I couldnt do this.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldhearth View Post
    Such as whom?

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    I have every class at 90. I play 2 of them currently.

    I don't understand why some people have like 5 warriors or 7 warlocks. What's the point? I seriously want to know. I'd rather just have 1 and gear them out extremely well. Why spend time gearing 5 warriors when you can just gear 1 for all 3 specs? Curious as to logic.
    For me, I roleplay so each of my characters usually has a story. I don't gear them all, but I do like to level them. I have one character, a mage, who goes by two different names in his stories, and some others who are dual-classed, like the fire mage turned warlock, and the rogue turned mage. Sometimes I like to roll different races too.

    Rogues, warriors and hunters tend to be my first pick for 'regular' people. I have a blood elf who loves the outdoors, but owns a furniture shop in Silvermoon. He's a hunter, but in-character, he's just a shop owner.

    I also have max level characters on high pop and low pop realms so I can cross realm invite myself for celestial/Ordos on the high pop ones and camp tlpd spawn points on the low pop ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    maybe people wanna try out new stuff instead play same class/spec for few years ? -_-
    What? You've leveled every class and then made more of the same classes. How's that new stuff, lol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzen View Post
    Why couldn't you just not play them?
    Seeing them on the account reminded me of the pressure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Blossom View Post
    What? You've leveled every class and then made more of the same classes. How's that new stuff, lol?
    cause most of those classes offer fundamentally different game style - even for dps classes - unless ur wanna play with spaming only 2-3 buttons then ye it might be boring but for me most of fun on low lv alts (below 90) is ttrying to work out how to utilize them best thats why i was os unhappy when they removed talent trees in mop cause figuring out what works best and igves best resoult was most fun for me - and usually i was around 95% right when choosing talents when checing out with cookie cutter builds on max lv

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    Surprised nobody posted this guy yet.

    But this is pretty insane though. I've always had one single character on WoW, really can't be fucked with another character let alone 30. Holy fucking crap.

    Just... why?!

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    So I got motivated by this thread to do something similar. So if anyone wanna lvl a new char feel free to add me @ Arthie#2777 on EU servers.

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    Could anyone elaborate what the best speccs are to level with for each class ? I've worked a lot with different speccs, but either I'm doing things wrong or there just isn't much of a difference ?
    Mhyroth#21201 for all you Appearance and Transmog addicts ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Platinus View Post
    This guy has got you beat ^^. Altough I wish you good luck. I'd never even think about doing something this grindy but if that's your thing all power to you.

    If they all had their legendaries THEN I'd be impressed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aevyn View Post
    Could anyone elaborate what the best speccs are to level with for each class ? I've worked a lot with different speccs, but either I'm doing things wrong or there just isn't much of a difference ?
    Ive leveled toons in different ways. Its not always about having the right spec really. But I guess it does help sometimes. As WoW have grown through the years, questing isnt just the only way to level up anymore. Theres herbing, mining, pet battles, battlegrounds, archaeology, dungeons. Theres also the factor if you have recruit-a-friend, elixir of ancient knowledge, and other world events that boosts exp.

    You have to be smart sometimes about leveling. Or learn to mix it up so the monotony of it doesnt make you go numb (to some degree anyways). To us, who do like to level characters, im guessing weve all found our niche on how we go about it. Me as an example I usually mix things up.

    - Archaeology: The perks would be is to collect the items if you like some of the vanity stuffs. It has pets, mounts, and other cool things you might want on that character (might not be anymore appealing since Toy Box will come out on Draenor). I usually stick to Kalimdor until max, because im still trying to grab that bug mount from Uldum dig sites and that awesome creepy hand pet. You can also do that in Pandaria with some of the decent BoAs (gun, polearm, trinket, offhand, sword) which you can use on your level 85. Its an OP boost at an early level and you can even upgrade them to 471 with JPs.
    - Herbing/Mining: This is pretty much not for everyone But im a farmer, I looooooooove to farm. Having access to materials when you want to power level professions is convenient.
    - Pet Battles: Yes to level appropriate pets, you can get a decent amount of exp. I would bring my lowbies to either Valley of the Four Winds or Vale of Eternal Blossom and do pet battles. At level 10-30, after winning, I would get close to about 8-11% exp per win. Whats the perk? You can level your pets at the same time while you gain exp for it. Added bonus is you get rare stones! Also if you have multiple accounts, you can do the pet battles against trainers in Pandaria. Ive lost count on how many ive given out 4 sets of those elements and 3 pandas to my friends for free. You also get items like biscuits to increase size, or one to decrease it. Also the BoA item that you can use to boost the exp gain for your pets when you finish battling.
    - Battlegrounds: Well, this is the one ive never leveled up through. But ive talked and seen most of my guildmates saying its a good exp and they enjoy it. They love it.

    Im used to all of these comments about how we should get a life, go out more, youre a hacker, youre botting and all of these dismissive comments and I just tend to brush it off since, its not about us being glued to the computer 24/7. And yeah maybe some of these people who do have a lot of 90s might have a lot of free time in their hand, but who are we to ridicule what they love doing in the game? And I know its just not me, but I know some of these guys have been smart enough on how they go about leveling their guys, because I know I have.

    As to my story, having multiple guys have been very, very convenient for me. Im the jack of all trades master of none. With this expansion, having Tillers has been much of a boost having all of these different 90s in your arsenal. Now, this is where a lot of you guys will cringe and have the wtf gtfo look and reaction, but I do all of my Tiller farms on my 33 90s. Why? Money, resources. I have a method to my madness (literally to a lot of you) ^_^ I just buy those 2 bags and cycle them for 5 days and send them all to my bank. I have people ordering stacks and stacks of Golden Lotuses (still even with the end of expansion). The price dropped but its still a good change Windwool cloth, ghost iron ores, trillium ores, exotic leather, enchanting materials. Theyve just piled up. What do I do with them? I use them on my alts and do profession CDs. I will admit im not exalted with August Celestials ha ha coz, you see, thats where I get lazy (mind boggling right?!) Im close though. Ha ha. This is where im gambling that they will remove the soulbound aspect of the Imperial Silk and maybe I could send it to my one guy whos exalted and craft the bags. The celestial cloth, I make the belt and pants. And yes I still make the CD daily since I log on them everyday to do the farm. I either sell them, or give them to my friends for free. Im not greedy. And it feels nice. I guess im a charitable person. Id go more on details on what I do but youve pretty much gotten the sum of it. All of my cloth classes are tailors, plate classes smiths, rogues leatherworkers, hunters engineers. The rest are mixed up. But to make it easier on me, same classes have same professions. And having access to transmutes (especially trans masters), I have mats to make Sky Golems and engineering pets. Ive given out to my friends. Something nice to give them on their birthdays.

    But yeah, thats my story, thats my take on it. Sneak peek in a life of an altoholic. With my always changing schedule, I dont have any appropriate time to raid anymore. So having Tillers kept me occupied. At the same time, I still feel useful to my guildmates. Providing them the items they need to raid, as we know, not everyone has time to farm

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    Level my last 4 85's I cannot be arsed to finish off. I hated Mop leveling so much, I am considering buying boosts for them, but only if WOD is much more alt friendly. And Heroic's don't blow like they do in mop.

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