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    Holy is the best spec in the game at turning mana into raw healing. This is evidenced by the fact that the first solo heal of H Garrosh 10 man was done by a Holy priest. With enough mana regeneration and proper coordination, they can keep an entire raid up by themselves. However, in a -progression- environment, the best damage is damage avoided (or absorbed) which Disc so obviously excels at. The problem with that particular case clearly being that if a Disc priest does their job correctly, they make other healers either obsolete or severely gimped. -Effective health-, in the current healing paradigm, is king.
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    It's like comparing dps specs, usually there is one spec that performs above the other of that class. Same with healing on a priest, disc is far superior and has a great ability to negate incoming damage with shield absorbs which makes healing alot easier especially in the latter stages of a raid tier (harder bosses etc).

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