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    Sounds like you had a bad experience and blamed the BG?

    Kotmogu's one of my favourites. It's actually quite a tactical BG, but it moves fast.

    Worst experience in random BGs... um, probably Strand. Watching those demos burn through gates like they're paper and move at 100 mph because nobody slows them /wrists.

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    That map does really suck for melee, but I find it really fun on Horde in my BG.
    I like it on my Rogue and constantly see Warriors eating people for breakfast in the middle (I mean LOLWARRIORS but still).
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    As a healer I must say I really love this BG.

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    Personally this is one of my favourite BGs and IMO one of the best designed BGs Blizzard has ever made (along with SSM -- Despite SSM having more flaws). It's very up close and personal which allows tactics and actual PvP to happen at the same time. It's the same reason I'm excited about Heroes of the Storm. Things happen quickly, everyone's in each other's faces and if you ignore tactics you will lose horribly. Compare this to the older battlegrounds, especially AB, where you can sit around doing nothing for the whole game and still actually be helping a lot (I must quickly add that I love AB).

    The problem with ToK is not the battleground itself but rather it is people's approach to the battleground and bots. People just don't capture orbs and keep orbs off of the enemy. When I'm playing with friends we coordinate that if someone is about to kill the red orb then another is waiting for the orb to spawn to pick it up. Most randoms are just headless chickens attacking the first thing they see, which admittedly is the case for most random battlegrounds anyway.

    Obviously a team imbalance in gear and/or skill makes the result far more polar, but that's far better than the alternative like in Gilneas or EotS where the teams are unevenly matched, but the game drags on forever. In this way ToK is fantastic; it doesn't rub salt in the wound by making you wait.

    I'm feeling positive about Blizzard's objectives rewards in WoD. Hopefully it will improve the quality of random battlegrounds.

    Also bots gonna bot.

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    The biggest issue as Demsi mention and not only in TotK is the amount of boosted players,they can ruin all the bgs but especially this one,for many reasons.

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    As a horde hunter, I can say I love this BG.

    Yes, it sucks when half of your team consists mostly brand new boosted chars/utter idiots/bots who just hop in the middle without even touching the orbs and get slaughtered right afterwards. But that's about as same as any other BG.

    Problem is that even after almost two years, many people still don't know what the actual objective is and simply follow the guy yelling "go mid" instead.

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    Doing this on a destro lock with even a decent healer is nuts. You just melt people. Your team can gate from one side to the other, you can port back up top. Only thing is being any melee other than warrior is tough in this BG.

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    It's extremely variable. Some teams will do well, some will stink.

    Also, note that ToK is designed so huge "come from behind" victories are possible. If you get four orbs and stand together in the center, your score goes up very rapidly, so you can win even if the other side was very close to a win.
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    I like how most of the people who enjoy it are ranged/casters, try it as a ret, not very fun i can tell you

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    I don't see anything really wrong with the BG. Its very fast paced and the win is determined by the team that is the most willing to stop going for kills and get the orbs. Your team might have amazing damage and be stomping orb carriers all over the place but it doesn't really matter unless your team gets orbs as well.

    The biggest issue I see with this is an unwillingness to grab orbs. Everyone feels they don't have the gear they are not the right class/spec or that they would be better suited for some other job. You are better off getting the orb and using everything you can to run away and stay alive as long as possible. Not only are you getting points but you are stopping the other team from using the orb to gain points.

    When I get this in randoms at the end if we win there is usually most players with a good amount of victory points. If I lose there is usually a few with very high and everyone else with zero. Getting orbs that no one has>killing orb carriers>killing the noob in the corner.

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    ^ very true above post.

    I can't believe people complain about this BG and then don't complain about abominations like Gilneas and EotS. They are just the most boring, badly designed BGs ever.

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    same prob as any other bg then. however its one of the few i like

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