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    i liked attunement, they felt like a milestone on character and story development.

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    All they did was make recruiting and holding on to members like pulling teeth for smaller and less progressed guilds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOREAN DAVE View Post
    Attunements kept every raid in an expansion relevant in each content patch. And because of the necessity to clear harder content, this encouraged guild alliances and social interaction between guilds to get attunements and clear higher tired raids, leading to a stronger community bond.
    Attunements were bad.

    Been there, done that. Was in very hardcore guild in Classic + TBC and all of us hated attunements (alts being one reason)

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    You do realize we still have attunments? You need 1 person to have normal mode cleared to enter heroic. Now imagine instead of clearing certain difficulty level that 1 person would have to complete a chain quest. Makes sense lorewise that 1 key is enough to enter A guild still has incentive to go thru the process to attune enough people in order for all of them to raid without having to repeat it each time someone new joins.

    As for old content being relevant. I'm raiding constantly since Vanilla. Lead a guild thru half Vanilla, whole TBC, half WotLK and half Cata. I don't recall a single person that enjoyed going back to old content. Sure, guilds went back to attune people or for some BiS loot for certain classes yet absolutly noone liked it. People either refused to do or did it as a necessary evil. Why on earth make a mechanic that is a necessary evil? It didn't make the group stronger. In fact it was a drama waiting to happen and I believe there were many guilds that disbanded due to that exact reason. My guilds delt with that necessary evil without drama but still it was so obvious that everyone is just waiting for a way to skip going to old content or for the moment that we don't have to do it anymore (in Vanilla and TBC that moment never really came until they've removed attunments). People don't like old content - period. I don't really see people who came back mid MoP cheering for farming old raids for legendary cloak chain. It's by miles better than old times as they can do it on their own in LFR without dragging whole guild thru it. Yet still, I don't know a single person that have found this enjoyable. It's something they want to be done with asap. Hardly a challenge - much more a chore.

    Next to legendary quest chain there are other incentives to go back to old content. It's achievements, mounts, pets. I myself will be looking for a group to finish some old raid achievements when I have more free time during summer. What's most important tho that it's optional. Going back to old content in order to raid current content is a bad design on absolutly every level.

    So to summarize, I'm all for bringing attunments back but as a one time experience for a guild per content (in the way clearing normal nowadays opens heroic). Epic quest chain will be much more epic if you don't start to hate it after being forced into doing it for someone for the 50th time (oh prisson break! :P). Also, leave LFR out of it - the purpose of LFR is completly different. Plus LFR will not be in line of progression for heroic or mythic raids.
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    Make it account bound or make it easier for alts to earn it once you completed it. Like the legendary quest line, its fun if done right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    I'm not against an attunment system if it was specifically account-wide.
    Only way it could be done with the casual playerbase of the game these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katchii View Post
    I like attunements for the fact that it adds back story to the reason you're there. It adds meaning to you being in the raid instead of just showing up to the front door of the big bads lair looking for phat lootz.

    I also agree that it was difficult for guilds to recruit and keep current with content when having to wait for or carry people through the requisite attunement quests to even get them into the raid. If there was a solo quest chain for attunements, that would be fantastic. Having a quest that gives context for why and how we got inside a major stronghold to bring down the big bad would be very much welcome IMO, but only if it was account wide or something that you could do solo.
    The main reason I also liked attunements was for the story as well. They also wasnt in the form of a daily grind hub in order to see the story which I would absolutely hate. Aside from the Kara attunement which should have been done by anyone anyways due to it falling in line with someone gearing up their character I did the other attunements for the raids even after the attunement requirements was lifted. If I recall correctly the TK one gave an FR neck piece which was also useful for my FR warlock tank set and the BT attunement gave the SR neck piece which was also useful while being a cool quest chain.

    It is nice to bring some up to date relevance to why you are fighting in a raid especially given that raid stories have turned into a passerby mode and to me raids in general are the least effective in showing story and all the more so in a go go go mode where one doesnt have time to smell the flowers, listen to the narrative if there is one(Ulduar) or read the books on the floor. The chains IMO bring more value and immersion to the experience. Having five mans lead up to the raids is also nice.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheJewishMerp View Post
    Only way it could be done with the casual playerbase of the game these days.
    I find it interesting how having alts went from being a thing for no-lifers to an assumed right of "casuals". Largely though it comes from the reduced grinds making the game more casual for the person who has x amount of time to spend can progress on one character while those who previously did have enough time now have extra time and move on to becoming altohalics to counteract the boredom.
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    Any attunement would have to be in either solo or LFD/LFR content otherwise it would a giant pain in the ass come the second tier.

    Any attunement that requires a lengthy quest chain would be a pain in the ass, especially with the way questing seems to be going in WoD.

    Proving grounds done right should be decent for unlocking LFD for heroics, assuming that they are difficult enough to warrant it, otherwise it's just a waste of time.

    Outside of that there's not a great deal where it would be relevant. It's only really computer assigned random groups that would need it, and LFR doesn't really make sense with attunements because it's supposed to be accessible rather than walled off.

    Any other content basically sets its own attunements because if people don't think you're capable of doing the content they simply won't invite you. (or set some ridiculous ilvl requirement)

    It is a nice idea from the point of view of getting people involved in particular storylines because they are relevant to the content that you are attuning to, but not everyone cares enough about the story to want to do that. Those who care about the story will follow what the attunement would have been anyway, those that don't will see it as another box they have to tick and won't get anything out of it.

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