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    This is a rant and i know that my personal experience with ppl from this server doesnt mean that everyone who play there is like this....


    WTF is wrong with ppl on this server? do they give awards to see who is the most obnoxious, self centered, arrogant player on the server?
    I know that every server has people like this but 90% of my dungeon runs with ppl from Ravencrest is full of drama, name callings, poor performances and general frustration...And every time is someone from that server . Every single time..

    I play on Grim Batol, and my server has many jerksl like this also, but ffs its just too much ....

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    It's probably best not to start threads railing against a specific server, guild, or player. There isn't anything useful that can come from something like that and it leads to flaming & baiting.

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