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    Talking [A - Wyrmrest Accord] <Aria> Challenge Modes Guild

    Hello fellow heroes!

    I hope you are doing well, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this message.
    A group of Friends playing together since early WotLK are seeking competitive players for our challenge modes guild. While we enjoy the motions of heroic raid clears, building up team power week after week, we wanted to spice the game up a bit and play for challenge and speed. We are going to start in MoP and keep going in WoD, and beyond!

    Maintaining the 5 man roster is way easier than a 20 or 25 one. Hence we can agree on times and durations of our runs once the team is complete. It is finding the right like-minded people, that is a trick.

    So if you live for the challenge, know your class in and out, want to work on getting the top realm time and staying on the top - we are a place for you!

    What do we need?

    - People that are friendly and fun to run with (in order to maintain our douchebag-free environment)
    - People that want to win and get the best out of their class (not just flasking/potting or having right professions, but researching proper timing for cooldowns etc.)
    - People that can work with others on improving together
    - All roles / classes are welcome (hell, we can have multiple teams if the interest is high enough)

    My contact details are the following:
    In-Game: saintlyn#1452
    Skype: siimess

    Thank you!

    And have a great day!
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    Still looking for interested individuals

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