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    Quote Originally Posted by Durantye View Post
    That isn't the point, you don't think prot tanking and prot dps won't play differently? The point is they've refused to give others the opportunity to tank/dps in a certain spec (Hello death knights) yet now they are letting prot warriors? And yes warlocks literally only require a couple more abilties and tuning and they would be viable tanks.

    Also the only way balancing a tank into dps is easier is if they don't bother with making sure it is balanced in every scenario, so it'll either suck so bad that it is literally useless, it'll be broken as shit, or it'll be just like demonology was for warlocks this tier, not horrendous but literally no reason to play it.
    different in terms of rotation and a few abilities changing then yes it is different. but it uses the same core abilities I.E. devastate, shield slam, revenge. where as druid had different resources and shared only a few abilities (mangle). someone has to be the first.

    as for an inch away from tanking:

    Originally Posted by Celestalon
    Not right now. Turning Prot into DPS is trivial compared to turning Demonology into Tank.

    Originally Posted by Celestalon
    UI support, Active Mitigation skills, multiple cooldowns, talents with defensive benefit, glyphs with defensive benefit, ...
    Originally Posted by Celestalon interesting defensive rotation, defensive value for all stats (that's gigantic), Vengeance, DPS tuning, mob control...
    Originally Posted by Celestalon
    ...abilities, defensive mechanics that scale at the right rate, community understanding, etc. Warlocks are/were nowhere close...
    Originally Posted by Celestalon being full-fledged tanks. Sorry, it's just not the same thing.

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    cause having a shield not just for defense is awesome, pretty much it
    Quote Originally Posted by Naftc View Post
    Humans are sorta an EA game really. Comes incomplete and takes a while to get all the content for it.

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    Honestly, the Crusader in Diablo is a great example of DPS tank.. I know its not far from home, but they're NAILING it with that class.

    I know Warriors have generally been pretty in-line with the Barbarian class ( i'm not called cyclonus just because it was a transformer ) and heroic leap felt just right.

    If they ever did a paladin dps shield spec I think they should consider Falling Sword in WOW. You're pretty much a FF Tactics Lancer! So awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Von Bosch View Post
    Warriors are hereos that draw thier super human strength from thier relentless fury and thier unstoppeble willpower to fight on til the end of days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclonus-WOW View Post
    If they ever did a paladin dps shield spec I think they should consider Falling Sword in WOW. You're pretty much a FF Tactics Lancer! So awesome.
    That would be cool but I think really hard to implement in a game like wow. At least not the character. I like the idea of having a falling sword though. I guess Execution Sentence basically does this, but I was thinking a faster version.

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