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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitheqt View Post
    Thanks, I love your personal attacks, it really shows us what kind of person you are.

    Everyone has too many gap closers, and too many gap creators at the moment but I agree some classes have a little too much up time, namely Monk, Rogue and Warrior.

    I'm just going to assume that you didn't play your Hunter in Cataclysm at all - or for long enough - if you really think it's harder to play now than it was back then. I didn't play one, but I definitely played with the class long enough to understand the difficulty that it had in that expansion and its seasons meta's because of how the class inherently worked. It was definitely comparable to how Retribution currently is, yes.

    Granted all classes became somewhat easier coming from Cataclysm to Mists (quality of life issues solved, ability pruning, homogenization, etc.), the Hunter was one of the few that ended up in a much better shape, though undoubtedly it still has its problems - just like every other class - my point was that the current Hunter is easier than it was in the previous expansions. Right now, (as you say) Hunters are difficult - though not because of underlying class mechanics - but because of the way the game is at the moment, and its current meta where everybody has a gap closer, everybody has the ability to get away, and everybody can cast on the move.
    Of course I played my hunter through cata, just because the reason hunters are harder now is because of the meta doesn't change anything about the difficulty of how they are played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illana View Post
    Harder? You have to be kidding me. Then again it is you so we have to take what you say with a grain of salt.
    I wonder if we play the same game sometimes. Hunter is unbelievably easier now than it was in cata. Deadzone, no scatter/trap dot removal glyph, more difficult damage rotation, aspect of the fox/hawk twisting, and the fact that hunter cc was their main strength so missing a trap was devastating, not just lolwyvern like it is now. Their damage was good on cloth but nothing like it is now; hunters sustained is one the games highest with solid burst. They shifted so much of their damage into arcane and chimera which penetrate armor, which I always though was dumb. Hunters had to line up 17+ second cc chains to get anything done, all while kiting the entire enemy team because even healers were trying keep in melee, and ensuring no dots come up on any cc targets *cough snake trap*. If a melee cleave was training you, you had to make an actual choice to use ice trap vs. freezing since kiting was much more important than it is now. Far more difficult than the backpedalers playing beastcleave and thugcleave at 2k like I see now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    I like how when people complain about getting killed by kill shot which can have a 43 yard range, no resource cost, and can be used again if it doesn't kill and everyone says WELL, HEY, YOU KNOW, IT IS CALLED KILL SHOT
    but when a warrior does it, clearly the ability's name is "useless wet noodle piece of shit strike with an exorbitant rage cost that should do the same damage as MS"

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    deadzone was never a problem when conc shot glyph existed, again: we could actually kite things.

    Scatter trap dot removal is only useful in certain comps and bgs

    more difficult damage rotation? What was more difficult about it? As far as I know it was easier because there was no glaive toss and it was mostly chimera and arcane with widow venom thrown in somewhere and instant aimed shot procs that ACTUALLY DID DAMAGE.

    hawk/fox was just macroed into shots, nothing hard about that.

    As I said getting a trap was MUCH easier than it was compared to now and there wasn't all this crap usable while cced either like guardian, life cocoon etc.

    Getting trained by a melee cleave back then there were only a couple of things you had to worry about, now you're just stunned permanently and when you're immune to stuns you get gripped, disarmed and take 1million damage because you can't keep them off you for more than 2 seconds.

    Plus we had entrapment as MM and also 15% more hp so we didn't die instantly in one stun.

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