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    What was your favourite patch for playing DKs?

    Same as the title.

    What was your favourite patch and why?

    Was it because of PVE, PVP or something else?

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    My favorite spec was always the spec least played. I somewhat like being the underdog.

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    Whenever Diseaseless Blood was still around. I miss that shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enfilade View Post
    Whenever Diseaseless Blood was still around. I miss that shit.
    Hell yeah! That would have been early in the expansion, during 3.0.X. It was so nice just hitting like a truck while ignoring diseases. Blood DPS was just plain awesome, period.

    The launch of Wrath was my favorite patch for DKs. The class was new, I was trying to figure out how things worked and there was a real sense of learning and progression. The DK community was really alive - sharing ideas, tips and tricks. And the PvP was amazing!

    3.0 was a very fun patch for me raid-wise due to the idea that I was playing a new class and gearing it up. There was also the constant feeling throughout the expansion that you shared a connection to the Lich King. Wrath was a great time to be a Death Knight!

    But, I'm very biased in favor of the Wrath DK model. I fell out of love with the class when the rune mechanic changes went live in patch 4.0, and I've never been able to quite regain my feelings for them.
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    Oh patch, probally s6 I think 3.1 good balance of everything and every class

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    Late Wrath with DW frost tanking. I just loved it.

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    When DK was severely OP on launch. 2 lives ftw.
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    3.3 or 3.2 as Unholy in PvP. Used to absolutely wreck face and love it

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    For those that did PvP, probably the first PvP season in Wrath where they could just macro ' /castrandom ' and get to 1800+ without even looking at their screen...

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    Unholy PVP around launch time. Shit was facerolll BUT FUN!

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    Frost in Ulduar with two Tankards of Terror was amazing. Ah, to be OP.

    Edit: Oh right, I miss Frost tanking too. ICC10 was good times.
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    Favorite patch? It depends on the spec, I tried all three in Wrath. To put it simply, I really enjoyed my DK before Cataclysm changed the class. Honestly, OP numbers and mechanics (Come back as a ghoul to kill whomever killed you, lol) aside, from a design perspective I feel like the class played much better overall in Wrath, than anytime after Patch 4.0.

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    Probably 5.2, where unholy was superior for the first time in quite a long time.

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    Cant remember when but i miss the freedom of being able to play dk as tank frost, tank blood or tank unholy, as well as a melange of dif dps specs. So many choices.
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    The best patch/expansion for dk was the the beginning in wrath of the lick king were all the spec could tank or dps. I miss blood dps :P

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    Beginning of Wrath. I miss blood dps so, so much....

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    WotLK, blood dps with ghoul pet :'(

    Edit: And old Corpse Explosion, it was really funny to explode your friends on raid.
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    Back in WoTLK, blood dps was so OP.
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    I played DK after they nerfed you rezzing as a ghoul when you die. I actually played Blood DPS and I LOVED it to death. It was a PVP monster while leveling up and I could do something basically every GCD. It was the most engaging spec/class I have ever played and I think I played more PvE on my DK in that patch than in my entire history of playing WoW.

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    Patch 4.3!

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