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    WoD is going to release September-October 2014.

    Cinematic launch July-August 2014.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drattack View Post
    Odd that they wouldn't just say 3rd Q or 4th Q. They must just not know.

    This is pretty useless information, since this is pretty much already common knowledge.
    They did actually.

    Their Chief financial officer Dennis Durkin said Q4 for planning purposes only. It's Mike Morhaime that gave the second half of the year estimate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    It says fall right on the website under the pre-order button.
    Which says expected game release.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeriel View Post
    This is where things start to become dicey on release. Do they want to rush for a last minute Q3 gain (Sept release) or tent-pole through Q4 (Oct release). I honestly do not see it being much later than those with as much info as we already have out. Though it would likely be released at the tail-end, or very first, of a quarter, so using "half" would be the best scenario, or else people will go crazy. (Side note: it is interesting that has changed from "fall" to "2H 2014")
    Stop talking about the stock market please. It does not work the way you think. There is ABSOLUTELY NO benefit to Blizzard to release it in the last week of the 3rd quarter rather than the fourth quarter. NOTHING. If the game sells 3.5M copies on September 25th or 3.5M copies on October 4th.. NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL FOR ANYTHING related to the stock price, earnings, announcements or anything at all related to investing. Earnings from Blizzard expansion games are not reported in the quarter they occur, they are spread out through the life of the expansion. ( google Non-GAAP accounting).

    if the expansion gets pushed back to January, then it would have an impact on the stock price or investors.. but not because of when the money is received, but instead it would worry investors that Blizzard was not able to meet their development cycle.... which is exactly the reason they are so vague when talking about when the game is being released.

    But please, stop all this stupid STUPID talk about ´wow will rush to release before Sept 30th because of the stock market´..

    Edit- just to follow up on the previous post. The reason the CFO said Q4 for planning purposes is because even if they squeek the release in before September 30th, the earnings from the expansion will not start really to be added to the numbers until the 4th quarter, and then for the 3 quarters after that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DCT1080 View Post
    It means the 6 months of 2014, starting with July and ending with December.
    In particular it means "Hopefully at least a week before Christmas."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didacticus Syntacticus View Post
    In particular it means "Hopefully at least a week before Christmas."
    Blizzard is absurdly conservative when it comes to information they give to investors, in a way similar to Microsoft. Whenever they give guidance on something, especially earnings projects, you can almost count on the fact that they are low-balling it to be safe. In the stock market, it is much better to give low estimates and then ´beat estimates´ than it is to give accurate projections and then miss them. It really depends on the company though, but in Blizzard and MSFTs case, whenever they give guidance, it is almost always the absolute minimum it could possibly be. MSFT and ATVI never miss earnings projections because they lower expectations so much. I still think we have a decent chance for a very late September, very early October launch only because if they were internally projecting late November/December, then they would still be including 1Q15 in what they were telling investors.

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    2H = 2 hours into 2014. It hasn't released yet = Blizzard suck wtf unsub

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferg View Post
    Is 12 / 2 9?


    Then you're probably wrong.
    12/2 = 6 which is absolutely not in the seccond half of a year. However september is a plausinle mo th for the release, i would be suprised if they de ided to release it midd summer.

    Edit: all of the people talking about the importance of Q3 etc, you generally dont care about quarters of the year unless you have to prove to someone (ie shareholders) how well you are doing. Blizzard has absolutelty no need tonprove to anyone how much money they make and can release a game the day after Q3 is over without any problems.
    Q1-4 is just a silly american invention because investors got to impatient to wait for the annual report and started demanding reports more often, which often leads to companies making worse deals than they possibly could just to finish them in time and present better figures. Soon we will probably see monthly reports aswell
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    wow, i cannot believe some people

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    2 handed ?

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    I don't even know anymore.
    Quote Originally Posted by bluspacecow View Post

    Which says expected game release.

    It sure does. What was your point?
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